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Wendy - October 14

I just got a call from the hospital, letting me know that my quant_ty test was at 94. They are saying yes, pregnant, but I thought I should be farther than this. Have any of you had your levels checked and at some point were near my number??? Thank you all so much and congratulations on your pregnancy.


J - October 14

how many weeks are you?


Wendy - October 14

I thought I was 5 wks, since lmp. Closing in on 6 according to baby center. But I've had different home tests, and today they just did a quant_tive.


amy w - October 14

hi wendy...i got my HCG results, and they were at 89...my LMP was on the 14th of august, so naturally my doctor was trying to tell me that i was 7 weeks along...but with numbers that low, there is no way that is possible, so we just figured that i ovulated late, and that is what sounds like happened with you as well, did they do another blood test to make sure that the levels were rising? keep me posted...and congrats to you!


To Wendy - October 15

Remember that everyone is different. These numbers are for reference only. I've read of many women on this site who started out lower than what they thought and had very healthy babies. I know that I ovulated around Sept 26 (LMP Sept 13). I am a little over 4 weeks and my HCG this week was mid 300s. Check the internet for HCG level sites and the span of HCG during this time is enormous.


Wendy - October 15

Thank you all for your reply!!!! And congrats as well!!! Well, I checked the net, and you're right, it does have quite a range on there. My lmp was sept 8th. However, I did spot on the 3rd, 5th and 6th. (Only when wiped). So, I thought that with that and 2 of 4 - results that I was not preg. and that was af. I will go back on sunday to the hospital and get another quant_tive done. I'm so scared.


To Wendy - October 15

I believe anything less than 5 is not pregnant. Anything over 5 is pregnant. So even though you had some neg. tests, this blood test is telling you that you are.


Wendy - October 15

Thank you all again!!! Good luck and congrats!!!


Wendy - October 17

Alright, sunday I went back to the docs for another quant, and came back as 119. It went up 25 points. That's still a good thing, right??? I have to back tomorrow, yet another 48 after my last test for another quant. Wish me luck please!!! And congrats to you all!! EDD would be on june 15th.


Sara - October 18

Wendy-Congrats!! I am so happy for.Best wishes for you and your new lil one!!!


Wendy - October 18

my points went down .08 . Down to 111. What now?????


To Wendy - October 18

What is your dr saying?


Wendy - October 19

He doesn't even know what to think, he's literally stumped. I called back in today and he still wasnt able to even speak to me over the phone. I could kill him. I'm so worried! I posted on about.com and was told that they might be measuring my progesterone levels in there instead of hcg. It really confused me. Any one here had hcg levels read and was there a dot . anywhere in the number??? Thanks!!!



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