HCG Level And Confused

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LG - April 13

I am 5 wks 1 day pregnant and just had an US yesterday. They said it was too early to see the pole (umbilical cord) is this true or am I just paranoid? Also- had my hcg level taken yesterday and it was at 1480, which i thought was extremly low. I just had another blood test this AM and patienly waiting for the results. Trying not to get myself worked up about it. Do I need to be concerned? Thanks-


Jena - April 13

it probably is too early to see the pole, yes. were you able to see the heartbeat? it is early for that too, so don't stress - just wondering. as for hCG, that is a little low but you never know - I started off really, really low and climbed steadily and now I'm 6 weeks with twins! hang in there and wait for your results. good luck!


LG - April 13

thanks for the feedback, Congrats on your new discovery-thats very exciting. Wish you best of luck


PP - April 13

Ignore the HCG levels, They are not as sure fast as ultrasounds and how you feel. Think positive and you are right that at 5 weeks and 1 day there should have been little to see. And actually until the HCG gets over 2400, many times even a sac is not visable.


Brooke - April 13

LG, I went at 4w6d and they could not see anything either. My HCG level was 1280 which I thought was low until I started researching it. It really isn't that low at all. I go back to the doctor tomorrow (6w6d). Hopefully, we will see everything is fine. I'll keep you posted!


LG - April 14

Just got word from the Dr. My HCG levels rose to a little over 1900. So they rose about 500 within 24 hours. So I am pleased that they went up. I know its not a ton but I am positive they will keep rising. Thanks for all your comments. Its helpful to hear from other people. I appreciate it.


Brooke - April 15

I went yesterday for my followup ultrasound and we saw the little baby and the heart beating just beautifully!!! So, don't be discouraged, it was just early when you went the first time.


LG - April 16

Brooke- I'm so excited for you, thats great news and very encouraging. I have been feeling great and thinking positive. I will let you know how things go in a couple weeks. Thanks!



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