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lscherer - February 6

I am 6 weeks pregnant. I had a miscarraige back in Oct 2005. I am getting my first u/s tomorrow., but the doctor wants to re-do my blood test. He said that my HCG level was 228 (low, i guess) I am so nervous!! Has this ever happened to anybody, and then everything turned out fine? Please help!! i really want this baby! :)


DownbutnotOUT - February 6

HCG levels range so much for different people that you should google "HCG levels", it really isnt how low the lvl is its if its doubling every 2-3 days like it should. Good luck to you!


jen327 - February 6

I know this is hard. Most charts would say that a level of 228 at 6 weeks is low. But the reason that the Dr wants to redo the test is to see if the hormone is doubling every two - three days. It is most likely that you are off by a few days as to how far along you are. it is very common. For example I ovulate 19 days after my LMP. I know this because I was using an electronic ovulation kit. So that makes me 1 weeks farther behind then if I went by my LMP I would totally have freaked out. So I would say relax and see if your levels are doubling. Be sure to ask the OB for the results. I had my OB send the test to the lab rushed and it costs me a $10 extra which I did not care. They called that day to tell me it was doubling. I am not sure why your doctor is doing an u/s though. Nothing can be seen on an u/s until the hCG levels have reached between 1,000 - 2,000 and most doctors really wont even suggest it until then. You are most likely not as far along as you think you are.


lscherer - February 7

thankyou for responding to my question! Everything looked fine at the doctors. They wanted to do an u/s b/c i miscarried last time, so they wanted to see how things were pregressing. I saw the gestational sac (which was almost microscopic). The doctor thinks that I ovulated late, so I could be only 2-4 weeks. I have another u/s on valentines day, and I am going go to call for my levels tomorrow morning! Please say a prayer that my levels go up..!!


crrodgers - February 7

I think I am about 6 weeks based on first day of my last period...I went in for an u/s yesterday and saw nothing..no sac, nothing. My HCG level is at 457 and I go again tomorrow for another blood test and then monday for another u/s. I am hoping that I may possibly be earlier than I thought. My fingers are crossed!


lscherer - February 8

crrodgers! I know you must be a nervous wreck! Hopefully everything will turn out good for the both of us! My prayers are with you. Definately keep me posted on how things are going! ~ Lauren


Please_be_A _girl - February 8

Lscherer & crrodgers do you have an update on how you lasies are doing. I went on the 29th for an ultrasound and i should have been 9 weeks and it was only showing 4 so they took blood and again 48 hours later and said everything was fine because it was doubling my count was in the 800's the first time and in the 1600 the second time dont worry so much about the number as long as it is doubling. I have a 5 year old and they pushed my due date back with him 3 weeks so the doctors said i am just ovulate late. I hve my ultrasound on monday- Keep me posted girls I know i was a wreck waiting for my numbers.


heather28 - February 8

I was worried about my HCG level too. My first one only showed 91 which was about 4 weeks after my LMP. But I just had another test on Feb 6 and it said my level was 57,294 which my doctor said was very good. According to the online calculators my doubling time is every 43 hours. Hopefully, everything will be fine.


lscherer - February 8

thank you for your support!! Just a little update... My doctor just called and said that my levels doubled, like she wanted!!! Whoo-hoo!! I am so glad. I wonder when i ovulated though. I thought I was 6 weeks, but after my u/s yesterday, it was obvious that i am not. The sac was so small, you could hardly see it!! Well, as long as my levels are going up, I know that the baby is alive and growing!!! I will know more on Valentines day when I get my second u/s. Good Luck to everyone!! Keep me posted!!


DownbutnotOUT - February 8

Congrads on the good news and i eagerly await your next post saying you saw your little peanut with a strong HB. I just wanted to ad di had a missed m/c in may 2006 and I know how nerve racking it all is. i am currently 22 weeks and 5 days preggers with a boy. I had a rough start in my first tri and a bumpy 2nd tri (still am) but i know in my heart things will turn out fine. you take care of yourself and your peanut :)


crrodgers - February 11

lscherer - thank you for your concern. I went in on thursday and got my second bloodI test and my hcg went form 457 to about 980...I also found out that I was a week off so when they did the 1st ultrasound, I was only about 4 weeks...I go back tomorrow at 9am for another u/s. I will keep you posted!


lscherer - February 12

crrodgers~ I am soo happy for you!! YEAH!!!! Thats pretty much what happened to me. I first thought that I was 6 weeks, but then I actually went in to the ER for a hernia on January 21st, and they gave me a urine test (which I totally forgot ab out).. I just remembered and realized it was negative then.... so, I think I'm really only 3 weeks... but I guess I'll find out more on Wenesday!! Definately keep me posted!!



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