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smiley - November 9

I am about 6 wks pregnant and started spotting 3 days ago. Brownish in color with some discharge no pain at all. Had an utlrasound done and tech noticed a fetal pole and heart movement. The following day had pelvic exam and utrasound done and cervix is closed and saw the sac and yolk sac no heart movement. My hcg levels have dropped. I don;t know what to expect now. Any help or suggestions.


MB - November 9

Smiley. Sorry to hear your news. Lowering HCG levels, is not something you want to happen this early in your pregnancy. HCG levels normally drop after the first trimester. Suggestion... make sure they check you again (v____al ultrasound if possible) to make sure that the most recent results are accurate. Your still fairly early on, and sometimes the sac can appear empty. I had the same thing happen at 7 weeks. Dr could visibly see a sac, but no baby and no heartbeat. 1 week later, we could see the baby and the heart. If this isn't a successfull pregnancy, you can be sure that its not something that you've done. I wish you all the best, and hope that everything works out. Did the Dr. mention bringing you back in for another check, or did they mention a D&C? You'll be in my thoughts.


Smiley - November 9

Thank you for your kind words. And actually I'm going back today for hcg blood test. And he said I just have to wait until Thursday for my results. Could it be possible that Hcg levels are wrong. I'm just thinking of all the possibilities. No D&C mentioned yet, what i don't understand is if in the hospital they saw heart motion could they have made a mistake. Well thank you for your response MB.


Smiley - November 9

Blood tests are pretty much the "for sure" thing with pregnancy. I'm sure that doesn't give you much comfort though. My guess, is that while at the hospital they really did see something on the monitor, but as sad as it is, things can change this early on. I know how awful it can be to wait on your blood test. When I had mine, I could barely stand myself and the waiting seemed to take forever. What you have to hope for is that your levels will have increased since your last test. Keep your hopes up, and try to stay as calm as you can until you get your results. Please let me know how it turns out. I'll say a little prayer for you. MB


LT - November 19

Hello, I was having concerns about m/c after spotting and mile cramps. At 6weeks/2days they saw getsational sac, though it has an irregular shape, and my yolk sac looked good, but there was no fetus detected which I was told, and hear is normal at this point. They tested my hcg levels, my first was 27,000, and two days later, I found out that the second was 29,890. I was under the impression that these #'s were supposed to double. My nurse told me that after about 6 weeks, they don't necessarily double anymore, but as long as they are increasing, it's a good sign. Does anyone else have any feedback about this? Thank you! This waiting game is horrendous!!


Jennifer - December 4

This reply is directed toward LT (if anyone is still around in this discussion). HCG levels are not supposed to double every 48 hours after they reach 1200. From 1200 to 6000, they should double every 72-96 hours, and from 6000+, they should double in more than 96 hours. So your HCG levels seem normal, although I'd be worried about the u/s too. Hope that helps.


lady C - May 31

I had a hcg level of 159 on Monday and then I had it drawn again on thursday and it was 259 is that normal



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