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Brooke - March 31

What are normal HCG levels for 5 weeks exactly. I am getting back my blood results tomorrow. I want to have an idea of what is low/normal/high.


Lisa - April 1

I had my levels drawn at 5 weeks and they told me that normal levels were from 1000 - 50,000. Mine were 35,049. I had a miscarriage last year at the same 5 weeks and my levels were only 3,000. They put me on progestrigine pills to try and help.


Mythili - April 1

I am now 8 weeks today. On my 5th week blood test my HCG level was at 2726mIU/ml. Please let me know what your level is once your result comes back.


Brooke - April 1

Wow, 100-50000 is a BIG difference? Why would there be so much fluctuation?


Mythili - April 1

Brooke, did you get your results back yet?


Lucy - April 1

Mythili Was that the beginning or end of your 5th week?


Mythili - April 1

Lucy, that reading was from beginning of 5 weeks.


Brooke - April 6

Okay, Finally I got my results back!! I hope it wasn't too low. My HCG levels were 1286 at 4w6d. Is that too low, or is that still normal???


Brooke - April 6

Lisa, I'm sorry to read about your miscarriage before. How many weeks were you when you miscarried??


Kasey - April 6

Brooke, I think that sounds normal, but I'm not 100% sure.


Jena - April 6

Brooke, it's a little low but if the doctors weren't concerned, you're probably fine. Here's a link to a hcg chart: http://www.parentsnest.com/home.php?page=index-subs/hcg.shtml


Jena again - April 6

Brooke, this one is more in your favor: http://www.pregnancyloss.info/hcg_levels.htm (scroll


Brooke - April 6

The one from the parentsnest.com takes me to the home page. Where do I go from there to get to the chart?


Lisa - April 6

I was 5 weeks at my first miscarriage and 7 weeks at my second 2 months later. Needless to say I have been to my ob's office 3 times already getting my heartbeat monitored. I am 9 1/2 weeks now.


Lisa - April 6

By the way, my girlfriend is a nurse and she said that higher levels signify girls and lower levels boys. She sounded confident in her answer and she is a nursing manager so I would buy it. Also, the highest levels would signify multiples so that is why there is such a large gap.


Brooke - April 6

Interesting, thanks for the tip!



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