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DTPT - July 14

I just found out I was pregnant on 7-13. I am about 4 weeks along- probably not due for my period for another 2 or 3 days. I took an early pregnancy test and got a positive right away. Went to the doctor for blood work and it was positive but she said my hcg level was below 25. I am due to get another blood test on Monday. Has anybody else started out this low and turned out just fine? Please let me know. If I remember correctly with my 5 year old- his started out very low too- and he still made it into the world!! any advice would be appreciated!!


Ann1 - July 15

If you aren't due for your period for 2-3 days, 25 is not abnormally low. My dr's office considers anything over 20 to be pg. The number doesn't matter that much. What matters is that it at least doubles in two-three days. You can always keep taking hpts to see if the line gets darker. That might give you a little peace of mind. Good luck on your Monday test.


MelissaK - July 15

I just found out last Sunday I am pregnant. I took a Beta HCG test on Tuuesday - so I think that is about 14 or 16 dpo. Mine was 67! I am freaked. I should have had the results back from the second test yesterday and my doc never called, despite the messages I left. I am tense about this too. Keep me posted on your progress.


DB - July 15

I was right around the same level as you...I was 25.2 at 13dpo so they were concerned, but I was 146 at 15dpo and a week later I was over 8400...I am 12 weeks tomorrow, so everything has been OK so far. It all depends on your doubling time, so as long as that is ok, you will be fine!! Good Luck!!


tritty - July 17

at my first blood test they told me that i was either having a m/c or that i was newly pregnant ( i thought i was further along than i really was) BUT they scared me to death. the following blood tests showed normal levels, they were doubling. my doctor said there is no "right or wrong" number the important thing is that it's doubling every 48-72 hours. good luck!


MelissaK - July 18

Mine ended up tripling! And the progesterone looks great. So it's not the number that matters, it's the doubling.


Krissiem23 - July 18

Mine was 12 when I first found out. It was 5 days before my period was due - and I knew for sure I was pregnant. I don't care if anyone believes me - I told my husband the day after we concieved that I was pregnant! I knew that my body was different.


tas105cats - July 22

i just found out im pregnant with my third child and im about four weeks but my hcg levels are so low the doctor says ive miscaried but i know im still pregnant



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