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pod - September 23

I am about 4 weeks along. I m/c last year. The doc won't see me until I do orientation on Oct 6 which will put me at about 6weeks. My question is how and when do they check your hcg levels? I really wish they would do an ultrasound to put my mind at ease. But I probably won't get in to see the doctor til about 10 weeks.


clindholm - September 23

They usually won't see you before 8 weeks unless you are having issues which is when they send you for bloodwork. I went in early due to cramping and had an ultrasound and bloodwork around 6 weeks. Although I had a feeling the cramping was not a problem (it was not too severe) I really wanted to be sure the pg was viable so I acted like I was a little more worried than I actually was. You may try calling your doctor and seeing if that works. I know I'm terrible, but I worry alot. Sorry to hear of your m/c and congrats on your pregnancy!


pod - September 23

Thanks, yeah other women have told me that too. But hey it obviously works and if thats the only way they will see you. Could they find s heartbeat at 6weeks? I just won't be able to relax until I hear the baby's heartbeat and amke sure everything is ok. I am just nervous after having a m/c already.


clindholm - September 23

I completely understand how nervous you are. I think it was a little over 6 weeks when they saw the heartbeat for me. I would give it a try. Good luck!


jac1019 - October 9

I am so nervous too! I have complted 8wks, and am now in my 9th week, due May 20th. I had my orientation appt. on Sept. 23rd where they took blood, gave a pap., etc., but don't go back until October 28th to hear the heartbeat. I feel like everyone I know has had a miscarriage or knows someone who has, not to mention that my best friend had one a week before I found out I am pregnant. Lastly, besides being exhausted, having sore breas b___sts (normally at night), and only pa__sing waves of nausea at times, my mind starts bugging and worrying, as though I should feel more symptoms. lastly, the fact that my mother-in-law has told the whole world makes me feel jynxed... ugh!


evae777 - October 11

i saw a hb with my first pregnancy at 8 wks. don't worry is the best advice i have, this is our second and i am not freaking out like i did last time. i heard too that even if you have no or little symptoms it is not a bad sign and that the most ideal and healthy pregnancy comes with little symptoms jac1019.


sweetdaisie777 - October 13

You can always go to the hospital if you having problems and they check the HCG levels..



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