HCG Levels

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Lenore - April 27

What would be a normal hcg level at 4 weeks pregnant?


Dani - April 27

Hi, I was wondering that too....


Lenore - April 27

Dani, did you have your levels checked yet? i am waiting on my results today and very nervous!!!


Gina - April 27

http://www.conceivingconcepts.com/learning/articles/hcg.html This is a site that gives general numbers. I had a blood test on 10 or 11 dpo (4-18-05) so I will ask what it was when I go for another blood test tomorrow and share it. They just told me my progesterone level was 13. Hope this helps. I am just 5 weeks myself!


Dani - April 27

Lenore, I just got my blood test results back and my hcg level was at 240 (that was on 04/22/05) I took another blood test, so we will se how much it's progressed. Let me know of yours too....


Amy - April 27

3weeks 5 - 50 4weeks 3 - 426 5weeks 19 - 7,340 6weeks 1,080 - 56,500 7-8weeks 7,650 - 229,000 9-12weeks 25,700 - 288,000 13-16weeks 13,300 - 254,000 17-24weeks 4,060 - 165,400 25 -40weeks 3,640 - 117,000


Dani - April 27

Why is the # so low and it increases to a huge #. 4 weeks goes anywhere from 4-426. Just curious.


Lenore - April 28

well i just spoke to my doctor and found out that my progestorone is 33 and my HCG levels are 274. I just got back from getting another blood test to make sure the levels are going up? i am wondering if these are good numbers??


Eb - April 28

At 4 weeks my HCG level was 1,943. I was initially supposed to go back after 48 hours from taking the first test but they said that with that high a level there was no need.


Lenore - April 28

Wow, that doesn't make me feel very comfortable with hcg level. The dr. did say that it's not so much what the number is, as long as it's going up, but I am very concerned. I will just pray that the next test is twice as much!!


Lenore - April 28

Dani, how is everything going with you?? did you get your second hcg results back yet?? I am waiting on my second test.


Dani - April 28

Lenore, I will find out tomorrow my 2nd set of hcg levels. Your dr. said it's not the # that counts, but that's it's going up? I will let you know tomorrow...also keep me posted too..


Dani - April 28

Lenore, how many weeks are you again?? I'm 4 weeks and 3 days today.


jena - April 28

hi girls... i had a lot of hCG scares when I first got pregnant so i know what you are going through. it IS most important that your levels are doubling every 2 days. If they aren't close to doubling, then you can have a problem. As for the low levels, don't give up - mine were a 2 the first day, then a 12 two days later, and then just jumped from there and now I'm 8w3d with twins and have seen their heartbeats twice! Also, you can't really have a "normal" hcg level at a certain time in your pregnancy because they vary so much - the range is SO big. So just let your doctors check for the doubling and then once you get to 6 weeks ask for a v____al ultrasound and they can figure out your dates then (I happened to ovulate 11 days late!). GOOD LUCK and don't give up hope!


Lenore - April 29

I am 4 weeks and 2 days today. It's still very early, I have had every other symptom, except for nausea, have any of you been sick yet? Thanks for all the support! I will keep you posted on my results today and you do the same!


Mythili - April 29

At 5 weeks into my pregnancy my blood tests showed an HCG LEVEL of 2726mIU/ml. I was told that was a good reading for that time.


Gina - April 29

Hi gurls, I was just tested for only profesterone yesterday. They dont do HVG unless you are bleeding. It was 17.6 from 13 last week. She said it was fine. How many weeks are you Lenore? Just 4 weeks and your progesterone is 33. Hmmmm, they told me as long at they stay in the teens it is okay. She said some woman go up to 40 then drop as they should when placenta takes over. I wish I knew what my HCG level was now just for the heck of it.



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