HCG Levels

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amber508 - April 29

Hello everyone.... i have a big question. I was told that from my period (march 26th) i am 4 weeks 5days along. However my hCG levels came back today from being taken 3 days ago and they were 397 which i was told put me at 1-2 weeks... is this normal? Or should I be concerned?????


parkermegan - April 29

I am 10dpo and my hcg was 14.....and I am 3w1d My Dr. said that was actually high to be only 10dpo....Your question doesn't really make sense to me with the numbers you gave.


Kira_lynn - April 30

No that doesnt make sense. My levels at 4w3d were 187 and they said i was 1-2weeks and then my levels are were at 6500 and i was 5w3d. They try and guesstimate how far along you are by only 1 hcg test, which they shouldnt do.


emilymalm - April 30

I wonder if your doctor is referring to the age of the baby as its gestational age would probably be between 1-2 weeks if it's been 4wks 5d since your lmp. I agree. One test is just not enough. Usually they do a couple to see if the levels are doubling. Different women have different levels.


Cabbie - April 30

My HCG was 350 at 17 dpo (4w 2d). They told me I was in my 3-4 week (not gestational age, but from LMP). I am now 34 weeks with c section scheduled in five weeks. I bet the 1-2 weeks is gestational age not from LMP.


old timer - May 2

i went to the hospital with bleeding on saturday and my hcg levels were took and they were 4100 then i had to repeat it to make sure the level had doubled in 48 hours which they had they were 8400,and i had a scan today and am only 4 weeks gone,


parkermegan - May 2

well, I had another beta done on Monday and my HCG was 92.6 so they are definately doubling. I go back on Friday to make sure they are still going up.


MichelleO - May 17

Amber, I am going through something similar and I'm very concerned.. I went to my doctor two days ago and was at 5 weeks, my HCG was at 3,477 and my doctor said that was low.. but charts online say that I am not low.. now I am going back to test again tomarrow and my doctor said if my level hasnt doubled, it wont be a good sign.. I am so worried.


Tara S - May 18

My numbers were at 4 weeks 103 then 48 hours later(4 weeks 2 days) they were 342. I only had the two blood tests. Do those numbers seem right for my dates? Doctor didn't say much.


DownbutnotOUT - May 18

Tara S. don't worry about your HCG levels if they are doubling or more every two days. It is when they don't that you have to worry. Take Care



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