HCG Levels And Progesterone Levels What Were Yours

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Betsy - December 3

Hey ladies! I just got my first blood test results back and the nurse said that they were high, but that it was good. At 4w5d my HCG was at 911 and progesterone at 40. They seemed high to friends of mine too, so I was curious to see what other people's were around the same time and if they had twins or what!! Thanks so much!


Becca D - December 3

Hey...my levels at 11 dpo were hcg-64, progesterone 20, 15dpo - hcg 361 and progesterone 28 - 5wks1day - hcg -7781, progesterone 22.5.....so I think yours are probably fine!! I had my first sono and there is only one baby!!! :) Congrats and good luck!


Cabbie - December 3

My HCG was 350 at 4w4d and 18 progesterone. They put me on progesterone since they usually like to see it over 20. I am now in my 13th week with one baby!


Audrey - December 4

At 15 dpo my hcg was 100 and my progesterone was 37. Betsy, your numbers sound really high! Maybe twins?!


to Betsy - December 5

with those numbers....I'm thinking triplets...


justine - December 5

Actually the numbers have nothing to do with the number of babies. I am pregnant with twins and my numbers were the same as a singleton. U/s is the only way to tell.


To Justine - December 5

Hi! Congrats on your twins! Just thought I'd say that there are several places that state that HCG is an early predictor of multiples. I got this off of WEB MD: "More hCG is released in a multiple pregnancy, such as twins or triplets, than in a single pregnancy. Less hCG is released if the fertilized egg implants in a place other than the uterus, such as in a fallopian tube. This is called an ectopic pregnancy." Good luck to you all!


Linda - December 8

4wks 5 days my HCG was 1544 don't know if progesterone was tested but will find out in 5 days time when I go back to the dr's. Am going to push for an early ultrasound too. I'm wondering if it's twins also as I'm now 6wks5days and have been showing for over a week now and getting bigger quickly. Anyone else? What do you all think of my numbers? Betsy, have you had a scan yet, if so was there 1 or 2?


brooke - December 9

my hcg numbers were really high. At 3wk 5d it was at 54, at 4w1d it was at 218 and THEN at 5wk1d it was at 10, 020. I kept asking the nurse what should i be thinking and she said don't worry about it that much even if you think it is twins, the u/s will tell you and that as long as the numbers are rising thats all that matters.


Betsy - December 9

No ultrasound yet. :( Its killing me! I haven't actually seen the doctor yet (they just sent me in for blood tests), but when I made the appointment I asked if they do an ultrasound at the first visit (6 1/2 weeks for me) and she said that no, that is "much later, unless needed." That was not the answer I was looking for!! :) Nausea started in at 5 1/2 weeks and i'm sick all day long and through the night. My tummy is also starting to pop out. My pants aren't going to last more than a couple weeks and this is my first! All sounds fishy to me, but who knows!!


catherine - December 12

At 6 weeks my hcg level was about 50,000 and my progesterone was 16. I'm a little worried about my progesterone level. I haven't seen a doctor yet. I'm a lab tech and ran these tests on myself.


jess707 - December 14

Im in the same situation. 14 dpo I'm at 956. I miscarried 2 months ago. Nurses say I have nothing to worry about. I am also wondering if it could mean twins. I am a twin....but the nurse said there is no way to tell just by looking at hcg levels.


sil - December 14

Check out www.betabase.info. It's a great site for hcg levels!


Jill - December 16

When I was 4 wks and 3 days my HCG was 7,400. I dont know what my progestone was? I am not having twins I just had an ultrasound and there was only one very wonderful baby!


Jill - December 16

I just double check and it was at 4 wks and 3 days. They acted as if it was normal. I had an HCG done at 4 wks and 3 weeks and 6 days and it was 2300, they told me that is 2-5 weeks. I wonder if I am off and dates since by my LMP and I am week and a half futher. I am going off of Ultrasound dates which say I am 7 weeks now.


Jill - December 16

my last post I meant to say 3 wks and 6 days I added in a 4 wk for no reason!


brooke - December 17

Well my hunches about my levels were right, its twins! Totally natural, no fertility drugs and htey don't run on my side at all. Had an u/s sound on Tuesday and connfirmed two, there was even a third sac, but nothing ever developed. Good luck to all, I am in for some excitement!



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