HCG Levels And Progesterone Levels What Were Yours

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brooke - December 17

Well my hunches about my levels were right, its twins! Totally natural, no fertility drugs and htey don't run on my side at all. Had an u/s sound on Tuesday and connfirmed two, there was even a third sac, but nothing ever developed. Good luck to all, I am in for some excitement!


Betsy - December 20

Congrats Brooke! Are you excited or scared??? How have you been feeling? Have you had awful morning sickness and fatigue? I'm curious. They still won't even talk about an ultrasound until 10 weeks for me (I am 7 now). I thought the morning sickness was bad, but it gets worse each week. I'm on meds too (phenergen) which is helping, but still can hardly get anything down. I have had a couple people guess twins before hearing of my high levels and I feel like Its a girl, but I have had 2 dreams about a boy!!! I hate this suspense! Anyone else on here who reported levels get an ultrasound since their post?


N - December 20

At 4 wks 5 dys my progesterone was at 112!


Angela W. - December 20

Hi, I just wanted to post my levels too (I just got them yesterday) My HcG levels were 21,000 and my progesterone was 212. I am having twins and I am about 6wks and 4days along. Good luck everyone.


Elizabeth - December 30

I miscarried in September and am now 6 weeks pregnant. My dr. checked my progesterone at 4 1/2 weeks and it was 17, he said that was good and I didn't need to take progesterone but after reading all of your numbers, I am getting concerned. I don't go see him for another week. I don't know what my HCG level was.


Betsy - January 2

Any updates from anyone?? Anybody with high #s have an ultrasound?? If you post, please update so we can all see what happened! :) No ultrasound for me yet, I have my 10 week apt next week and he'll measure me then and then decide if we need to do an early ultrasound. My dr. doesn't like to do them in the first trimester. :( I'll keep you all updated!


Cabbie - January 2

Hi, Elizabeth, I wanted to let you know that my progesterone was 18 at 4 weeks and they put me on 200 mg a day of progesterone. I have had three miscarriages in the last year and a half, though. I think they were being cautious.


stephanie - January 2

my progesterone was 18 at 5 weeks and my hcg was 456. My doc put me on progesterone because I was spotting. I am now 10 weeks and havent been spotting since week 7. Taking the supplement increased my progesterone to around 50.


Elizabeth - January 3

Thanks for all of your input. I feel like I should be taking the progesterone. I go see my doctor next week and I plan to ask him about it.


Lynn - January 3

Hi, my hcg levels at 4 weeks 5 days were around 5,400. Go to doctor next week. They have done one ultrasound but barely saw anything. so maybe they will do another one!


Erin - January 3

My progesterone was at 27 at 5 weeks. I had some spotting a few days later, and the doctor still put me on progesterone suppositories, even though it had risen to 28! I am on 100 mg 2x per day. This is the most I've ever been on! The specialist doesn't think the spotting was progesterone related, but since I have a pretty horrible track record (1 for 5), I guess she's just being very aggressive. Anyway, spotting has stopped and it's over a week later.


Liza - January 3

My numbers were in the 600 and I am 4 week. I am scared they are high. I wont know for 3 more weeks. My pprogesterone is 50 that seem high.


Sheila - January 4

My HCT at 4 weeks was 243. At 4w3d it was at 805. My prog level was 100 at 4 wks. I have been on 25 mg prog suppositories since a week post ovulation. The Dr wants me to stay on them for the entire 1st trimester. Could this be a sign of twins?


Patti - January 4

My hcg at 4 weeks was only 83, but now at 5 weeks it's 2800. They didn't' check my progesterone. I was scared there for a while.


Liza - January 4

Do you have multiplies? My progesterone is high but it was high because I am also premenopausal. I hate waiting.


Betsy - January 10

I was right!!! Had my first ultrasound today which showed 2 babies!! Both had heartbeats around 170 and were both the same size and looked great. I am 10w4d today. I really started wondering this past week because I started to feel fluttering on my right side in the same place 6 different times!! Good luck girls!



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