HCG Levels And Progesterone Levels What Were Yours

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Betsy - January 10

I was right!!! Had my first ultrasound today which showed 2 babies!! Both had heartbeats around 170 and were both the same size and looked great. I am 10w4d today. I really started wondering this past week because I started to feel fluttering on my right side in the same place 6 different times!! Good luck girls!


LoriLea - February 3

I'm 5w2d and my hcg level was 14, 568. I had an US which showed the sac but, nothing in it. I will have another hcg in 2 days to see if it's increased. I will also have another US in 2wks which will make me 7 wks pregnant. This wait is unbearable. They say it is common at 5 weeks to only see the sac. I just hope somethings in it and my hcg levels are rising. However, my hcg levels are pretty high! Anyone else in the same boat?


Ivanka - February 15

Congratulations Betsy:) Wow! Must be so exciting. I can't wait to see the heart beat:) My HCG level at 4w3d was 1560, and progesterone 29. I had a US and another blood test today at 4w5d. The US just showed the sack. They said it is too early to see anything inside. I can't wait to see how my HCg is rising. I have another US scheduled at 8 weeks. The doctor said my numbers were normal but isn't 1560 a bit high for mid 4th week?


Punkin - February 15

I just my test results today and at 4 weeks my HCG was 1985, is that abnormal? My LMP was Jan. 16th but the Dr. said I was 2-3 weeks past conception, so I don't know.


KSM - February 16

i had my blood drawn at 5w and she told me they were very good. she said i was 10,000. i don't know which hormone that is though? my doctor just said i was supposed to be over 2500.


akmomma - February 20

LORILEA! Yes, you can read my post for my situation. By LMP date, I should be 7 wks. but ultrasound showed 5wks. 2 days, cant see anything in there yet, and HCG levels were 10,000 and 12,000 two day later........I have another US on Thurs.


SarahC - March 5

Congrats to everyone. I myself am a little scared right now, I had 4 mature follicles. I had a positive pregnancy test at 3wks 4 days. Had my first blood test at 3wks 6 days and progesterone level was at 121 at 4 wks 1 day my level has tripled to 356!!! I have my ultrasound scheduled but am really scared we could have 3 or 4, not just 1 or 2 babies. Any adivce???? Also my belly has really started to get big. I have already started to show although with my first pregnancy I barely started showing 5 months into it.


Logansmom - March 5

When I found out I was pregnant I didn't know how far along I was they just did a urine test on me. I work in a lab so when I went back to work I did the Beta HCG on myself and it came back 30813. 2wks later I went and had an u/s and I measured 8wks. Here is what the ranges are on the HCG's less than 1wk 5 to 50 1 to 2wks 50 to 500 2 to 3wks 100 to 5,000 3 to 4wks 500 to 10,000 5 to 6wks 10,000 to 100,000 6 to 8wks 15,000 to 200,000 8 to 12wks 10,000 to 100,000 So when mine came back that high I could have been any of the bottom 3 but I was pretty sure I was in the 6 to 8wks and I was right. The further along you go though it decreases as you can see on the last one.


erin25 - March 6

Hi ladies.....I just got my blood tests back. I am around 5 wks 5 days and my hcg level was 26585 and prog was 17.8........does this sound ok or is this kind of low?


MrsShelton217 - March 6

Erin, sounds like you are right on track!!


erin25 - March 6

I have a quick question. When you use the hcg calculator to see the time in which your hcg levels are doubling...do you count the day that you went in for the blood test as one day?


MrsShelton217 - March 6

which calulator are you using?


lisarenee - March 6

Wait a second; now I am worried...My level was 181 last month on the 16th, then 533 two days later, then 1535 two days later. Then I had an ultrasound three days after that and they said I was 5 weeks one day. Those numbers sure don't correlate with what the woman below who works in a lab says.


erin25 - March 6

The one on justmommies.com


taza - March 6

hi, im 4 weeks and 5 days , had my HcG tested today it 3000 dont know about the other, had an internal scan to, saw sac, no yolk !!


MrsShelton217 - March 6

erin.. i dont like that calculator... let me find the one i used... just a min



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