HCG Levels And Progesterone Levels What Were Yours

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MrsShelton217 - March 6

erin.. i dont like that calculator... let me find the one i used... just a min


MrsShelton217 - March 6

Here... this is a better one. take out any un needed dashes that might appear when i post it perinatology.com/calculators/ect.htm


erin25 - March 6

Hey...thanks for the website. That was a lot more helpful!!! Good Luck on your US!!!


paullover - March 7

Hi Everyone...At 4w1d my hcg levels were around 1200, I just found that out yesterday when I went for another dr appt. I'm 9w2d now. I asked my dr if that was about what it should be for 4 weeks and she said that seemed more like the right number for 3 weeks. She was actually the nurse pract_tioner, not my OBGYN...but from what I am reading on here, they seem normal for 4 weeks. What do you think?


micorazon - March 7

Paul - there is such a wide range for normal levels and they vary per person. The main thing that the doctors look for to be able to tell if a pregnancy is viable is that the numbers double every 48 hours but most doctors dont test in that way unless you have had problems in the past. I wouldnt read too much into that.


erin25 - March 7

Hi paullover!! My results were 4 wks 1 day (448 mIU) 4 wks 3 days (1012 mIU) and 5 wks 5 days (26585 mIU)....your levels sound good to me...I am not a nurse or anything but here is a website for you to check out americanpregnancy.org/regnancycomplications/earlyfetaldevelopment.htm


Logansmom - March 7

Every lab could have different ranges depending on the type of machine they have. Those ranges were off of my lab results. No matter, what you are pregnant and its good if it keep going up. If it ever starts to decrease you could be having a miscarriage. As for, do you count the day you have your lab work done when you are calculating it, I would say yes. More than likely they are running it the same day you get it drawn.


Logansmom - March 7

I agree micorazon, at my lab we only see it repeated when there is a problem. There is such a wide range and everyone is different. Some people never have there HCG tested if they have no problems. I would have never had one if I wouldn't have done it myself. They checked my urine at the office and it said positive so I went back in 2wks and had an ultrasound and I measured 8wks. They never ordered a Beta HCG on me.


taza - March 8

Hi, I had anoth Hcg test today, 2 days ago it was 3000 and Progesterone was 27, today my HcG is only 3250, The Doc ruled out Ectopic, as the size of the sac seen on U/s Was fine, but he has told me that as my levels have not risen a great deal in the 48 hours he is 99.9999 % sure i will M/C, im so gutted and upset, he said he wasnted to remove it now, i told him no. Could there be any chance he is wrong ?? I SO WANT MY BABY. PLEASE HELP. If any mistakes on typing please exuse me as im in tears.


Logansmom - March 8

Taza one good thing was that the level did go up, but it should have gone up more. Just put your feet up and take it easy. Are you having any spotting or anything? I know someone that was having a lot of spotting and the Dr. just knew she was going to have a miscarriage but she took it easy and she is 6months now. There is nothing you can do but to take it easy. I really hope everything goes okay. Keep us posted.


Karen K. - March 17

Well, at 4 wks hcg 396 and progesterone 36, 6 weeks hcg over 74,000 and progesterone in the 40's but ultrasound showed only yolk sac and age at about 5 wks. Doctor wants to see me on Monday, nurse said he didn't think it looked good. I guess because he thinks they should see more on the ultrasound since my numbers were so high.


taza - March 18

had another scan on Thurs, this time we saw a Yolk. Last night i started to get a cramp and light bleeding. This morning i pa__sed a Fleshy looking cot, have i just M/C ?? I still have bleeding but no cramp now. I will be 7 weeks this Thurs 22nd March (my mums Birthday).


ahay - March 18

Taza...same thing happened to me in January. They did US cuz I was bleeding and they saw a sac but no yolk. My HCG levels only went up 100 in 2 days and DID NOT double. Three days later they did another Ultrasound and there was the sac and yolk. . In the meantime my levels did not double again. After 4 days I miscarried. So...you are probably miscarrying although your HCG levels are rising. THEY HAVE to double for a viable pregnancy.


HeahterM - March 20

I just got my results yesterday, at 4wks 5 days my HCG was 96 and my progesterone level was 107!! Is that too high? I am having serial HCG's drawn this week. What do you think?


HeahterM - March 20

HCG's have to go up by atleast 60%-to doubling every 48 hours. I know this after 2 ectopics and 1 blighted ovum.


Lilith - April 18

I got a similar problem. so on Friday April 13th I had a home preganancy test done and it showed positive, on Sunday April 15, 2007 I started bleeding (clots and really dark brownish looking) I went to the ER on Monday morning, they took my HGC levels and did ultrasound, my HGC levels were 350 (my last period was Feb 24th) which will put me at 6 weeks then and the doctors said I was about 2 because the ultrasound didn’t show anything and my HGC levels were low. Two days later I had another HGC and it went up to 750 which is pretty normal. On Monday Apr 16th (week later) I was feeling really sick and went back to the doctor my HGC levels were at 7000 and they said did another ultrasound they couldn’t see anything again (which the doctors said you should be able to see something atleast) I was told to come the very next day and for another test wich was done 19 hours later and my levels went up to 10045 and the doctor said my levels were for a 7-8 week pregnancy which last week they told me I was at 2 weeks so I’m really scared and confused I have another ultrasound next Monday.



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