HCG Levels And Progesterone Levels What Were Yours

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Lilith - April 18

I got a similar problem. so on Friday April 13th I had a home preganancy test done and it showed positive, on Sunday April 15, 2007 I started bleeding (clots and really dark brownish looking) I went to the ER on Monday morning, they took my HGC levels and did ultrasound, my HGC levels were 350 (my last period was Feb 24th) which will put me at 6 weeks then and the doctors said I was about 2 because the ultrasound didn’t show anything and my HGC levels were low. Two days later I had another HGC and it went up to 750 which is pretty normal. On Monday Apr 16th (week later) I was feeling really sick and went back to the doctor my HGC levels were at 7000 and they said did another ultrasound they couldn’t see anything again (which the doctors said you should be able to see something atleast) I was told to come the very next day and for another test wich was done 19 hours later and my levels went up to 10045 and the doctor said my levels were for a 7-8 week pregnancy which last week they told me I was at 2 weeks so I’m really scared and confused I have another ultrasound next Monday.


Samantha L - May 25

At 2 wks 3 days my hcg was 701...any guesses on whether or not that's too high for just one baby?


dznylvr2005 - November 19

My prog at 14dpo is 58 ( I took clomid this cycle) and my hcg is 95.8.. Does this seem normal??? I was taking clomid after all, so maybe that's why it's high. RN said normal, but everyone else has lower prog. levels


lsj1919 - December 18

Brooke, congrats on the twins!!  Your levels are similar to mine! At 3w5d my HCG was 116 and two days later at 4w it was 345! The #s are tripling.  this is my fourth and my numbers never tripled.  if it keeps tripling it will be almost 10,000 next time they test on Thursday when I will be 4w6d.   I also found out legit 7 days before my missed period. I have a gut feeling its twins...I'll  come back to update!



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