HCG Levels How Fast They Should Increase

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ErinBriana - September 25

I am currently around 6 weeks pregnant (it used to be 8 according to my LMP) and had my first ultrasound last Thursday. The ultrasound technician said she didn't think she saw a baby, maybe a yolk sac which concerned my doctor. My doctor then ordered a quant. HCG test the following day, which came back 13,000, which she figured was correct for that stage in my pregnancy, but when I went back in yesterday (2.5 days later) I was at 17,000. She figured it should've doubled or been at least 20,000, so she asked me to get it drawn again this Thursday and if the numbers don't look promising I'll need another ultrasound. I guess I'm just curious if there's anyone out there that had slow rising levels that went on to have a healthy baby. I don't think this would affect it but I am also a Type I diabetic.


jennifer_33106 - September 25

The HCG horomone should double every few days in the beginning of pregnancy. How did they do the u/s? Was it v____ally or on your tummy? I know that it could make it harder to see if they did it v____ally and you had a full bladder or if they do it on your stomach and you had an empty one. Anyways, the results from your next blood test should be around 34,000 give or take. BUT thats just from what I have read and what my doctor told me. GL!! and I hope it all goes well!!


kay101 - September 25

HCG levels double every 48-72 hours in early pregnancy, then as the levels get higher, it takes more time (up to 96 hours) to double. At 6 weeks your levels can range from 1,080 - 56,500. It doesn't say exactly when in pregnancy it takes the numbers longer to double. In my first pregnancy the nurse scared me saying she thought my levels were low to be 5 weeks and had my blood drawn again, but when I looked online my levels seemed to be just fine. My numbers had more than doubled and I can say I was quite mad because the doctor hadn't agreed with her.


ErinBriana - September 25

They did the ultrasound both ways. The external showed nothing but the internal seemed to show a yolk sac. When do the levels start leveling off or does anyone know, even from past experience?


DDT - September 29

Yes, they start leveling off in the 2nd trimester.


cayingo - September 30

HCG starts to level off btween 10 and 12 weeks. It should at least double every 24-48 hours.


ErinBriana - October 1

So I went in to get my 2nd ultrasound today and saw the heartbeat, so that has to be a good sign I think- now my due date changed to May 22nd, probably about the 4th different due date- crazy though, it's a day before my birthday.



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