HCG Levels Not Doubling

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Heather - February 25

I am about 7 weeks along and went for first Dr. visit on Monday. They drew blood and told me I had to go back on Wednesday and give blood again. Got a call from the Dr. this evening and she said that my levels didn't double like they should. She wants me to go back on Monday and Wednesday for more blood tests. Now I keep thinking about the fact that I have had no morning sickness and I am really scared. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know that I can wait till Monday to talk to someone about all of this.


For Heather... From Armywife - February 25

Wow... so weird. It sounds like me excatly. Had a call tonight from the doc that i need to come in on wed. cause my HCG levels are not doubling with way they should. On feb. 4 it was 7654 and as of feb. 23 it was 20658 so its going up just not as it should. My doc. kind of just left me stewing for the weekend and my nerves are just about shot. Feel free to talk to me about it. My email is [email protected]


Heather - February 26

It is a little comfort to know that I am not the only person going though this. Hope things work out well for you. I guess for know we just have to wait and see.


PP - February 26

Same thing only I also had lots of bleeding and spotting. I am now 19 weeks and having a healthy baby. My levels only doubled 2 times. The failed to double several times and my doc said after 7 weeks if there is a heartbeat don't worry about doubling. She said the longer you are pregnant up to the 10th week the longer it should take to double. Good luck and keep us posted.


crystal - February 26

i just went for my first prenatal appointment yesterday and heard my babies heart beat at 6 weeks and 1 day and they have me coming in every three days to give blood to make sure the baby is ok. So just have faith and God would hear your cry. i am praying everyday for my baby and for everyone else in this topic.


B.B. - February 26

My dr. told me that after your hcg levels reach 10,000 they stop doubling. I was going thru the same thing, but had a u/s at 7 weeks and everything seems good! Good luck and God Bless!


Army Wife - February 26

My levels as of feb. 23rd were 20650 and my last period was dec. 22. I have had no bleeding. No spotting. I had a sonogram and the baby was to small to see a heartbeat. I go back on monday for another blood test. Do you think i have a reason to worry. Anyone have any advise or same situation?


Heather - February 26

ArmyWife...Your situation sounds very similar to mine. When I went to the Dr. on Monday she did an ultrasound. We saw the baby, but no heartbeat. I was only 6 weeks at the time so I thought maybe that was just too early to hear the heartbeat. I know that worry doesn't help anything, but I am concerned. Did your Dr. seem concerned at all, or did it seem normal?


christina - March 10

I had the same experience... After scaring me silly for a few weeks I just had a 10 week sonagram & everything is fine. (heart beat, growth rate) I have been told by a fertility specialist that is 'may' be that there was two embryo's and one dropped off.. thus the strange numbers.... Think good thoughts... medical science is not always right about these things. My doc said once you see the heartbeat - HCG doesn't matter so much as long as you are developing in range. :)


Gloria - September 21

I am supposedly 6 weeks 5days pregnant and my hcg levels started off doing well. The first lab done 9/6 was 160, 9/9 504, 9/12 980, 9/15 2180, 9/18 2808, 9/21 3250. I had u/s done on 9/19 and it showed gestation sac in the uterus. I am not cramping, no pains,and no bleeding. I am so worried because i have had 2 miscarriages. What should i do? Please advise.


OlenanMoku - November 26

I have the same thing on 11-14 i went to the er cause i was bleeding heavymy hcg level was 5100, then on 11-16 my level was 7900 and then on 11-24 my level was at 14,000's they see the sac and something inside but not sure if its the yolk sac but sees no pregnancy pole or something and no heart beat im suppose to be 7 wks now. the doctors says that i could be misscarriaging but im hopin not anyone have any info for me please help me i dont want this email me sweetolena.. yahoo



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