HCG Levels Please Help

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caseyann - January 21

Hi everyone. I have had 5 miscarriages and have just found out last week that we are finally pregnant again. I had a lap surgery to check everything and also a HSG test to flush everything (one tube was blocked and cleared). Doc said everything looked great, he started me on Clomid, and I ovulated on 1/3 and got a positve pregnancy test on 1/16. Had a blood test done the next day to check my HCG levels and they are at 126.3. I have another test scheduled for tomorrow to make sure they are rising, my doctors office told me my levels are low though. I have checked several things online, some sites say I'm low some say I'm high some say I am right on track, Can anyone tell me if this level is indeed low? I am so scared of losing another one. Thank you for any info you can give!


mjvdec01 - January 21

I am currently 13 weeks 4 days and at 12 dpo my hcg was 52. I would say you are doing fine. I think your doctor worried you prematurely. everything was fine with me, as I am sure it will be with you. Your number at 13 dpo was more than double mine at 12.


softbreeze200 - January 21

Try not too worry too much. I am sure your levels are just fine, and you will be put at ease in a day or so when you see your levels rising. I know too from experience how hard it is to stay focused on the positive and not worry, but I am praying for you too that all with be just fine this time!! BEst of luck hon.:)


caseyann - January 22

Thank you all so much for you positve words!! I went today for another blood test and this is only 4 days later and my levels are up to 753. The nurse said this is wonderful she said I am doubling just like I should be and that I am really really early pregnant so this is right where I should be. Such wonderful news!! Again Thank you everyone for all your positive reinforcement, this site is wonderful!!


mjvdec01 - January 22

So glad to hear everyting is fine, I knew it would be. Congratulations!


softbreeze200 - January 23

Pheww Caseyann!! I am so glad to hear that! I know how stressing it can be after a loss to worry that something is going wrong again, and what an amazing relief it is when all is good!! I wish you and your baby the very best this time around and I am sure you will have no problems! Take care!! :)



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