HcG Levels Question

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Natashasmomma - May 31

132 Hcg ? Is that ok for being 4 weeks? They have my scheduled for another level check tommarrow, To make sure it is rising.


DownbutnotOUT - May 31

Im not sure but to me it sounds way to low for 4 weeks. I dont mean to scare you everything could be fine. Im praying for you. Take care XoX


Lala - June 1

It's not way too low! Are you exactly 4 wks--as in you af is just now due? hpt's detect as low as 25 for a reason. best to you, and lets look for at least 260 for the 2-day follow-up.


Natashasmomma - June 1

Downbutnotout- Thanks for beinfga little incourging! Lala- Are you a doctor? I know this is a board that woman write on to ask questions and hope for some answer that is close to theres but DAMN can you say you are negative I am five weeks pregnant.. For you info Doc this is my 2nd pregancy and My last one started off slow as well (My Hcg).. I am actualy 5 weeks pregnant and everything is going great! I just have not been pregnant for 4 years so I forget these things. Thats why I came on here hoping to hear POSITIVE and ENCOURGING things from other woman!


amethyst_dragonfly - June 4

Natashamomma, 132 sounds fine. Check out this bit of info I found for you regarding hcg levels: http://www.conceivingconcepts.com/learning/articles/hcg.html | Be sure to remove any dashes you find in this link **Best wishes**


Lala - June 4

I am sorry! Did I say something wrong? I don't understand your response. All I was saying was your level was probably good. I said "It's not way too low!" like the first response said. You are the one who said you were "4 weeks" in your question. I was just clarifing, because if you were only just then due for af, your number sounded good to me.


amethyst_dragonfly - June 4

It's okay Lala... she apparently read your post incorrectly.


DownbutnotOUT - June 4

CONGRADS Natashasmomma glad to hear everything is great! Have a very happy and healthy pregnancy, take care XoX



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