HCG Of 93 At Week 4 Is That Normal

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Julietta - August 20

I've only known that I'm pregnant for 4 days now... I'm supposedly on week 4. Took 5 tests on the weekend. 4 were positive (light) and 1 was negative. I saw the dr. on Monday and had a negative pee test, but received a call from her on Tuesday telling me that my blood test gave her cause for concern because my HCG levels were only 93 (although she told me that the normal number should be 5???) Anyway, I have to go back in a week for another blood test to ensure the number is rising. I have pretty much zero symptoms, other than I've noticed that my heart rate is much higher than usual. Is an HCG of 93 normal for Week 4? I've seen SO MANY DIFFERENT numbers on the web and am probably going crazy reading so many conflicting pieces of info. I have to wait 1 more week and am going crazy. Has anyone had an experience like this? If so, please please share.


pattford - August 20

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Mine was only 103 at 4+ weeks. I just went in at 7w2d and saw a little "pea" with a strong heartbeat. It's more about the doubling time. You'll be fine!!


clindholm - August 21

The hcg levels are: 3 weeks: 5-50 (under 5 is NOT pregnant) 4 weeks: 3-426 and 5 weeks 19-7340. Don't worry about not having symptoms yet, the hcg peaks at 10 weeks and that's what typically causes most symptoms. Good luck (btw- the hcg levels can be found at obfocus dot com)


Kristin72 - August 21

Yes, 93 is a normal number!! Congratulations. The number is less important than the rate of rise. HCG doubles every 48 hours. So if you are concerned get another blood test and than do the math as far as doubling goes from how many days past the last hcg reading. I too just found out i was pregnant. My first reading was 115at 11 dpo's and 1 day late for af and 2 days later it was 331. Hope this helps. And COngrats!!!


Julietta - August 26

Just wanted to give an update to those who helped calm my nerves last week. I just heard back from the Dr. and my second round of blood levels indicates that my levels are rising! So all seems to be well! Thank you for your support.


clindholm - August 27

That's wonderful!



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