HCG Quadrupled

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Shal - October 29

Hello, I got my BFP on 14dpo, i had my HCG levels tested on 17 & 19 dpo exactly 48 hours apart, on 17dpo they were 475 and on 19dpo they were 1844. so they are doubling every day. does anyone have any information on this as i thought they were supposed to double every 48-72 hours. Thanks in advance.


squirrely4 - October 29

well i dont know for sure, but you might be having more then one baby :) but i'm no medical person... best of luck


^lucy^ - October 29

i support squirrely4 :) i was gonna say that u might be having more than one, but again we're no doctors :) GL sweety and have a h&h 9 months


Shal - October 30

Thanks for replying, i'll be happy with whatever i'm blessed with. I just read somewhere about molar pregnancies and it scared me a little, but i think hcg numbers need to be off the scale for that???


^lucy^ - October 30

yes as u read, rapid increasing of hcg levels is a sign of a molar pregnancy, but since ur doctor didnt tell u anything about it, then u shouldnt be worried dear :)


bchflwr - October 30

Hey Shal, My HCG levels were quadrupaling every 48 hours with my pregnancy now. I was concerned due to my levels doing the same thing last pregnancy and I miscarried. But at my 8 week ultrasound everything looked really good. Our doc didn't seem concerned about the levels, just as long as they are rising. Oh yeah and there is only one baby, so no twins for me! Good Luck:)


Shal - October 30

I'm not sure knowing numbers is such a good thing lol, this is my 6th baby and i never even had a HCG test done before, i was TTC for 22 months this time and had a lap and dye test 2 months ago so my doctor is watching me closely this time, they dont do them as routine over here, i'm in the UK. i think i'll just be happy that they are rising, thanks again xxx


Shal - November 3

i went for a scan today, i'm 6 weeks and 2 days with 1 little bean, i was lucky enough to see it's nice strong heartbeat too, I feel so so blessed.


squirrely4 - November 3

Thats great. i'm so happy for you! i go in on wednesday for the same thing. one of the coolest things i found were the baby heart monitors you can buy,. i found them at a store in my area for about $25 i'm so going to buy one...



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