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Nahcol - September 10

Im a few days past 1o weeks pregnant, and laetly it seems as if I have been getting real bad headaches. I also feel nauseated. Now of course I know most pregnant women feel these syptoms, But I had them the first month and then they went away, now it seems as if they are coming back, can that happen, and how often does it usually happen.


Sanya - July 13

I am on 5,5th week and I have also terrible headaches. I am myself looking for explaination. But I do believe that there is nothing to worry.


Liz - July 13

Headaches are very much a symptom,but there's nothing to worry about,this is mainly due to the hormonal changes,fatigue,tension,hunger,physical or mental stress or any combination of these. Try 2 find the best possible way to overcome n prevent a headache(listen to soft music,hot shower,relax,eat regularly)


CJ - August 9

I was having headaches everyday for about a week or two around my 7th week. Mine finally went away too, but I'm now in my 14th week... and its back. I get it EVERYday, ALL day and it's unbearable! I try to avoid Tylenol, but when I do take it-- it doesn't seem to work. Should this be a concern? Or do I just grin & bear it?


Cari - September 9

I am in the middle of my 10th week and I started getting excruciating headaches about a week ago - totally debilitating, like the most intense pain in my life (WORSE than healing from my 1st c-section!) So I went to the Dr, he said you do NOT have to suffer through it. He have me Vicodin(which is safe when pregnant).


Kim - September 10

I have been having headaches lately too. I am in week 14 and still very nauseous also. My doc told me today that in this stage of pregnancy, you now have two extra pints of blood in your body (from the baby) and that can cause severe headaches. I suffer from migraines, so this is doubly worse for me. My neurologist prescribed Dilaudid, to be used sparingly, but at least it helps! Hang in there!!


JC - September 10

I'm 18 weeks and have been WAKING UP with headaches everyday for the past 2 weeks. My husband keeps telling me to go to the doctor, but I keep insisting it's normal. I've tried changing positions (thinking it was the way my head was positioned while I sleep), but didn't work. This seems odd... or does anyone have the same problem?


Deon - April 17

I am 11 weeks and my headaches started a few days ago and have only gotten worse as the days go by. I took Tylenol Rapid release and that didn't work. I'm also suffer from what appears to be a bad cold, throat aches, chest pains, alot of coughing stuffy running nose. I tend to toss and turn at nights, because of all of this. What can i take to feel better, or at least sleep better at nights?



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