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Kirk - July 8

Is anyone else having really bad headaches?? I remember headaches from my first pregnancy, but not this bad. Any success stories on keeping them under control??


JenniferRose - July 8

I got them too, i found that if u throw a cold wash cloth on ur face, take 1 tylenol u'll feel 100times better!


luvmydogs - July 10

Hi! Does anybody seem to just get headaches in the evenings? It seems like almost every day starting around 6 pm, my head just starts aching like crazy! Sometimes I take tylenol, but I don't want to have to take tylenol everyday. I am just about 9 weeks. Anyone else experiencing these?


Kirk - July 10

Hi ladies, JenniferRose thanks for the tip I think I will try it. Debbie80 let us know if you doctor has some fabulous fix!! Luvmydogs, mine seem to be anytime of day. I have taken Tylenol too, but like you I don't want to take if every day. Could it be fatigue?? I seem to always be worse when I am tired.


luvmydogs - July 10

Yeah, it probably is a mixture of fatigue and hormones! I will definitely try the cold rag trick and try to put off the tylenol unless it gets unbearable. Thanks guys!


melpalmer7 - July 11

I had headaches with all three of my boys. They lasted pretty much the whole pregnancy too! They r miserable. I just took Tylenol when they were too bad. Also, put your feet up, have a coke and relax!


debbie80 - July 11

Hi ladies! Well I went to my first doctors appointment yesterday..she said that the headaches are starting to become more common than anything...along with the dizziness...she said to take Tyllenol and thats about it....they confirmed my pregnancy which was a total relief...I was in so much denial it wasnt even funny...I also told her that I am not experiencing any other symptoms...she told me that I am one of the lucky ones...lol how is everyone else feeling??



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