Headaches And What To Do Or Take

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dixiemartin - May 31

Hello, My daughter is going on two months along and June 15th will be three months. She has been having headaches and so I was wondering if anyone has suffered with that and what did you do about it. She was due to see her doctor but he got called away to deliver a baby and now they are so booked she can't see anyone till Next month. Please advise. Thanks Grandma Dixiemartin, Yeap just like the AMC soap land of Dixie and Tad Martin.


sweet16ash - May 31

All my mom could take was tylenol during pregnancy (do NOT take aspirin) as the doctor told my mom, it is better to ease the headache then put the strain on the baby by suffering with the headache. HUGS


sweet16ash - May 31

By the way, how old is your daughter? If she is a teen then my mom would probably feel like gabbing to you to help each other threw this. Mom is on here all the time I think her screenname is gma36.


littlenurse73 - May 31

I don't know if this is much help or not, but normally an adult can take up to 4,000mg per day of Tylenol. More than that is toxic. So if she takes extra-strength tylenol - 2 pills will be 1,000mg. However, I don't know if the 4,000mg limit applies during pregnancy. I would try to use it sparingly. I feel her pain as I too suffer many headaches even when not pregnant. Do not take aspirin, ibuprofen, or any other anti-inflammatory medicines.


dixiemartin - June 1

Hi Ladies My daughter is 28 and this is her second child. He first will be 3 in august. With him she had toximia posion where your body swells and then she found out she was RH negative where she had to get a shot durning her pregnancy and after delivery. Poor thing was in labor 38 hours I know I was there and let her husband go home to sleep while Grandma thought she could handle it all. She hasn't seen the doctor yet like I said she was scheduled to see him but he wasn called away to delivery so now she has to wait for another opening, otherwise she could have the answer on this. She is trying to find another doctor. I do know better then for her to take anything while pregnant without asking a doctor but I was also worried that the headache could be allergy or toxema posioning but that really didn't happen till closer to the end of her first pregnancy.


littlenurse73 - June 1

The headaches are probably hormonal as well as caused by increasing blood volume in her body.


cmfqueens - June 1

Hi I'm from the second trimester thread, 18.5 weeks and I was getting serious migraines and fia___lly could not bear them anymore, so I called the doc and he said it was safe to take tylenol xtra strength. But if that does not work call the nurse at the Doc office and she can call in a perscription for something stronger. she should not have to see the Doc for that, thats why they nurses.


NVgirl - June 2

The OBGYN told me to take Tylenol or Acetaminophen. Since I have bad migraines she also said I can take Vicadin (sp) for when I have a migraine and not my migraine meds. Go figure, Vicadin! Anyhow, don’t want to take the vicadin but have been taking COSTCO’s Kirkland Signature’s Acetaminophen when I get a headache. Hope that helps.



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