Headaches Anyone

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M - March 17

Hey Gals, I'm 12 weeks pregnant. I never got them before I was pg. I get them about once or twice a week. Do you guys think this is realated to pregnancy? Has anyone experienced this? Please get back to me. I love this forum.


AMB - March 17

M, This is my first pregnancy too (i'm 11 weeks) and I get terrible headaches a couple times a week. My older sister has had 5 kids and she said that she got them bad everytime. My OB said that it is from the hormone change and it is normal...she advised to take Tylenol. I love this forum too! Good Luck with your pregnancy and I will talk to you soon! :-)


M - March 17

Thanks so much AMB, you don't know how releaved you just made me. I love this forum because I feel like it's a conversation with girlfriends. Aside from the headache's how is your pregnancy going? Good luck and health to you too. Keep in touch. Thanks again.


AMB - March 18

M, other than the headaches and occasional NIGHT sickness...I feel fine. I go for my first ultrasound on Monday and I can't wait!!! It will be our first time hearing the heartbeat so I am anxious. I love this forum because I really don't have any true girlfriends because I have 3 sisters that take up my time and I never really had time for friends. I have a twin sister (we built houses next to each other) and when I am not with her I am with my other sisters or my husband so that doesn't leave much time for friends. But I am not complaining because we are so close. It has always been a joke in our family that all of our friends have the same last name:-) Do you have sisters? My older sister has 5 kids so we talk a lot about the pregnancy but it's fun to talk with other girls going through it at the same time. Have you been getting morning sickness at all? When are you due? I am due 10/10:-) I heard once you get past the first trimester that the symptoms start to go away??? I hope so because I haven't worked out in 10 weeks and feel awful. Well I will talk to you soon!!! Where do you live? I am in Orlando! Take care!


M - March 18

Hi AMB. I am so excited for you to have your u/s, it's really cool seeing the baby and the heartbeat. We saw the heartbeat at 10.5 weeks. My next apt. is at 14 weeks (in two weeks). I can't wait. Do you find it hard to wait for your next dr.'s apt.? I am always so eager to know and be rea__sured that everything is O.K. How many dr.'s apts. have you had so far? I have a sister too, she has a one year old and we too talk about pregnancu all the time. It's nice to have her to talk to but I must say it's fun to chat with people who are in my same boat. Keep in touch. Great chatting wih you.


AMB - March 18

Hey M! I have had 2 appointments and Monday will be my third. I hate waiting for the NEXT appt. I haven't even heard the heartbeat yet and cannot wait! My doctor usually doesn't do u/s this early but she said that my KCG levels are higher than they should be for my due date and then she felt my uterus and said that was big too. SO...I am hoping and praying for twins. Identical twins don't "run" in families...everyone asks me when they know I have an identical twin if I could have twins. But they can happen to anyone. It is the fraternal kind of twins that run in families. So I guess we will see Monday! My husband and I just care about having one healthy baby and if it's two....that would be such a blessing. but I am not getting my hopes up. Does your sister live around you? My big sister (she is 13 months older) is the only one who doesn't live in Orlando. My twin and I are 29 and my little sister is 26. How many kids do you guys want? My husband is one of 7 so he said that is his lucky number and I told him he was on CRACK!!! lol...When is your due date??? Well...I am heading to bed because I am exhausted but I will write back soon! Do you want to find out the s_x of the baby? What does your sister have??? talk to you soon! :-)


Chyna - March 19

well in like 2 more days I will be 5 weeks but every since i turned 4 weeks ive been having bad headaches. Especiallly when i first wake up but thats the only sickness i been having. I was woundering was it ok to take tylenol or advil?


AMB - March 19

Chyna, It is okay to take Tylenol. I don't think you are supposed to take Advil at all. Drinking a lot of water helps too. I drink at least a gallon a day! (I always have though) I find that when i get a headache I take tylenol with a lot of water and it usually helps pretty quickly. Good Luck!


M - March 20

Hey AMB, Twins would be so amazing! I know I'm having one as I having one as it was pretty clear on the u/s. Glad to hear that it's hard for you too to wait for you next apt. My sister lives in Seattle and I'm in San Francisco so not as close as I would like. She has a girl. So part of me kind of want a boy to be different but I don't really care, I just want and pray for a healthy baby. yes, we're finding out the s_x? What about you guys? My husband and I don't know how many kids we want to have at least two. Can you imagine having 7 kids? Being pg. 7 times. I think it's cute that your husband wants a big family. Big families are great. My cousins all come from big families and it's so much fun being at their house, it's lively--never a dull momment. What are the KGG levels? Please keep me posted. My due date is 9/26 and I'm 28 yrs. old, I'll be 29 when I give birth. Oh I have a tip for the headaches that worked for me. This is my first headache free day in a while. My friend told me that caffenine really helps open up the blood vessels thus releaving you of the headache. But obviously you don't want to drink too much caffenin while pg. I think you are allowed to have 8oz a day. I try not to have it at all. My friend suggested drinking green tea in the morning, it has a bit of caffenine in it to help with the headaches but it's also packed with anti-oxidants which is great for you and the baby. So it's not as bad as coffee or normal tea. I'm telling you green tea worked wonders for me. Well, that's my tip of the day. Chyna, when's your due date? Honestly, the tylenol didn't really help with my headaches, so I just thought it wasn't worth it to take a medication during pregnancy (even though I know it's O.K.). AMB, I praying you see either one or two healthy heartbeats! Good luck.


Sonya - March 20

My Dr. suggested taking tylenol and drinking a coke when a headache comes on. It mimics what excedrin does. It has worked for me. I try to just drink a little of the coke and I start with one tylenol. Good luck.


Chyna - March 21

Thanks Sonya and AMB!!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly K - March 21

I had a problem with headaches during the first few weeks. My doctor said it's also a sign of dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water. That's what my turned out to be from.


Jennifer - March 22

I'm 13 weeks w/ my 2nd child. I never had headaches w/ the 1st but have had terrible ones w/ this one. The only thing safe to take is Tylenol, but it doesn't help! I have been told that it is from eating to many carbohydrates & sugars though? Could be.


t - August 12



bella - August 12

I have been getting them almost everyday. Last pregnancy I got none.


shauna b - September 2

yes, i get SEVERE headaches, that almost feel more like muscle cramps in my head and behind my eyes



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