Hear Heartbeat On Doppler For First Time

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JEN - October 14

When did you hear your baby's heartbeat on the doppler for the first time? How many weeks pregnant were you?


bump - October 14



Wendy - October 14

with my son, I was 9 wks with a doppler. But when I had my first u/s with him, which was at almost 6 wks, I heard the hb through the trans-v____al u/s device. Congrats!!! How far along are you???


Jen - October 15

I'm 10 weeks and my doctor said it unusual to hear the heartbeat before 12 weeks. I didn't hear anything, which of course makes me nervous...


Grace - October 15

I was 10 weeks when my doctor heard the heart beat on the doppler (I was spotting so he tried for me). He said it is very unusual to hear it before 12 weeks. I've also had a friend who didn't hear the heart beat on the doppler until she was 14 weeks and everything was fine. So keep your chin up and try not to worry about it, I'm sure you'll hear it at 12 weeks.


maya - October 15

like wendy I heard the heart beat the first time at 6 weeks through the trans-v____al device. it is sooo strange. spooky. :) makes me think of sci fi movies.


Angela - October 17

With my son I heard it on the doppler at 9 weeks. It does depend on your size though. I am by no means small, but didn't have a whole lot of fat down there before. I cannot wait til I can hear with this pregnancy, it is very rea__suring. I have a little more fat on my tummy this time, so it may take a bit longer.


katelyn - October 17

i heard with mine last friday with a doppler. (7w4d) but my uterus is pressed up against my abdomen and i am kinda tiny.


val - October 17

I am very pet_te, no fat on my belly at all, and still at 13 weeks the heartbeat was hard for my dr. to find. She said at that point the baby is still so far down in there and so small that it can be hard to find. She finally found it after a minute of searching. It was very quiet, she said it will get louder as the baby gets bigger.


Tess - October 20

Hopefully on my next appt on 11/09. We saw our baby's heartbeat when they did the v____al ultrasound when I was 6wk3d. We are soooo happy. Good Luck ladies!


maya - October 20

I heard it the first time on the vagia___l u/s at 6 weeks. this morning I heard it with the thing they put on your stomach (he still called it ultrasound (ecograph in italian)) and I am 10 weeks. I am tiny so it was pretty loud and clear. so nice......


Chris - October 20

I am 11wks 4days today. I had an appt. they tried to find the heartbeat but could not. They sent me for a sonogram and there it was 154 bpm. Do not freak if they cannot find it until 12 -14wks. It happens.


Tara - October 22

I rented a doppler due to last pregnancy I had a missed miscarriage at 12 weeks. I first heard it at home at 10.5 weeks and listened again today at 13 weeks 5 days and its getting easier and louder as baby keeps growing, but my other two healthy pregnancies I didnt hear it until after 13 weeks at doctors appointment.


L.G. - October 23

Just heard mine this week for the first time-11 weeks. You can see it before you hear it though if you have a v____al ultrasound. It's pretty cool. My doc said I probably wouldn't be able to hear it till 12 weeks though, so don't be worried. Good luck! :)



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