Heart Rate Of 70

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gabbysally - January 15

hi ladies - I'm a couple days past 11 weeks and at my last app a couple days ago, the doc said the heartbeat was strong and that it was 70 beats a minute. I'm reading these blogs and it seems everyone else's baby is over 100. The doc siad baby sounded great but now I can't help worry that the heartbeat is slow compared to what I'm reading. can anyone make me feel better?????


Cevvin - January 15

Are you sure it wasn't 170 beats a minute?


gabbysally - January 15

I can't be sure we didn't hear him wrong, but me and my hubby both thought we heard 70 - so this is bad??


newlywed0915 - January 15

your doc said everything was fine, hun. I'm sure he would have said something if he was worried. Call the docs office to double check so you can settle your fears if you want.


bean - January 15

70 is definitely not right. The doctor either misspoke or you must have misheard. It's not possible for a fetus to have a heartrate of less than 90 (I believe). I'd give the doctor a quick call and double check if it'll ease your mind. But otherwise, if the dct said everything was fine, then I'm sure it is, just a little mix-up on the baby's heart rate is all.


sarah21 - January 15

70 is way way way too low for that age. I don't say that to scare you but you must have misheard or the Dr. misspoke because 170 would be much more normal. newlywed is right though-- if something was wrong the Dr. would have said something.


gabbysally - January 15

ok, I defanitely must have heard him wrong. he specifically said the baby was growing perfectly and eveything was great and we shouldn't worry. I guess we were so excited we forgot to listen!! thanks girls for the answers!


gabbysally - January 17

just an update in case anyone is interested - we went for the nuchal (down's) test yesterday and the heart-rate was 158. so I defanitly heard my doctor wrong. whew, that's a relief!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 17

When my daughter was 11 weeks her heart rate was 80...a few weeks later it went up to 160. I was told that was normal as well.



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