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hello - November 30

when does the heart begin to beat


eyebeeablessing2u - November 30

I had an ultarsound at 7 weeks and it was noticed then but only as a fluttering....


cheryl - December 1

I had an ultasound at 5wekks1day-no heartbeat. I had an ultrasound today 7weeks2days and thre was a strong heartbeat


jac - December 2

I had a ultrasound last friday,7 to 8 weeks pregnant,and there was a very strong heart beat,which is an excellent sign if your worried about a miscarraige, which I was ,having already had one!


chris - December 2

I am 8 weeks . I am anxious to hear my babies heart beat. I will be nervous until I do .


w - December 2

I am coming up to 13 weeks and still avent heard my baby's heart beat. My midwife is very lazy!! I did have a go st her today!!! So have a appt at hospital on tuesday.


chrissy30753 - December 2

i was wondering about the weeks... is that number of weeks you are or how old the baby is? cause this one website says i'm 6weeks pregnant but the baby is only like 3-4 weeks old... so is it by my weeks or the baby's??? cause my docs appt is wheni will be about 71/2 weeks and i hope i hear the babys heartbeat and see it on the u/s....


Katie - December 3

I had my u/s at 6w2d and there was a heartbeat.


Christine - December 3

You can usually hear the baby's heartbeating by the 6th-7th week...do remember that sometimes they have your weeks determined wrong which may make it seem like you should already be hearing one...and it goes by how many weeks you are into the pregnancy...the baby's growth will always be 2 weeks behind...if you are 8 weeks the fetus is 6 weeks...good luck


Carrie - December 14

I had an ultrasound with no heartbeat. My cycles are about 32 days, Last period was 6 weeks & 3 days ago. I believe (have been charting bbt) I ovulated 3 wks 4 days ago. Dr. said it is most likely too early to detect a heartbeat. I'm worried, any thoughts?


stacey - January 20

I heard a weak heartbeat at 6 weeks(98). Does anyone have any advice, is this reason to worry, or could it be weak b/c it was too early?


Carrie - January 20

I finally did see/hear a heartbeat at 7.5 weeks. It was slow (95 bpm). 3 days later, I began cramping and spotting. I was so worried so I went to the Dr. and found out that the heart had stopped. I thought if a heartbeat was detected before 8 weeks everything would be fine. The fetal deveopment was slow and the heartrate was slow. I think those are red flags. it's not just seeing a heartbeat - but a strong and normal heartbeat is important. Also, my pregnancy symptoms seemed to become milder (except the sore b___sts). I was so devastated to lose my first pregnancy. I am 32 years old and desperately want to be able to have a child with my husband. I demanded tests to see if there was something wrong with me. Turns out I have a genetic blood clotting problem - MTHFR mutation, heterozygous. A high dose of folic acid and asprin should help, but I'm scared to try again. Anyone else with a similar situation? My mom miscarried 3 times before me and once more before my brother. I think I got the mutation from her. So scared to go through this again...


lj - January 18

7 weeks


fefer1 - January 23

I saw the heartbeat last week, at 7 weeks and it was 125. Very good is what the Dr said.


Michelle C - January 23

the heart starts to beat at 4 weeks but can be seen at around 5-6 weeks on sonogram. i heard mine at 6w 5d


julieeveliz - March 9

7 weeks no heart beat do i should worry


lisarenee - March 9

I had an ultrasound yesterday at 7 weeks exactly and heartbeat was also 125 bpm, good the tech. said.



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