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Sherri - July 5

When will I be able to hear my babys heartbeat?


Cindy - July 5

They say at about 12 weeks. But you should be able to see the babies heart beat alot earlier. Saw my babies heart beat at 7w5d. Hope this helps


Tara - July 5

My husband and I got to actually hear the hearteat at a 6 week 3 days ultrasound it was 118 then 2 weeks later at 8 weeks 4 days we heard it at 163 bpm. It depends on your tech sometimes too b/c one u/s tech would not let me hear the heartbeat the other 2 ladies let me listen to it.


Jennifer - July 6

I saw my baby's heart beating at the 6, 8 and 11 week ultrasounds. I heard it for the first time at my 15 week appointment.


Sarah Mae - July 6

When I went to my doctor's appt. yesterday he wanted to see if he could hear the heartbeat on the doppler(I'm 10 wks) and I heard it. He did tell me though that sometimes you can't hear it that early.


Sherri - July 12

Thank you for information. I am 8 weeks today and going in for my ultrasound today. They told me yesterday I was at high risk because I have a blood cloting problem, I never knew about. Wish me luck!


stacey - July 12

Sherri good luck! I go next week for my first u/s (I'll be in my 7th week) so I hope they see it. I lost my first pregnancy b/c the heartbeat was low, then not at all :(


Sam - July 12

I saw the hearbeat at 8 weeks 3 days on ultrasound, and when I just went in for my 10 week appointment, the doctor couldn't find it with the doppler. I have to wait two weeks to go back and try again...grr... anyway, the doctor did not seem that concerned at 10 weeks, so hopefully she'll find it at 12.


Sherri - July 14

I had my u/s, heart beat is 162 at 8 weeks. I also have Factor V Leiden. Which puts me at a high risk preg. I will need to give myself daily shots of blood thinner. Has anyone heard of this before?


V - July 14

Sherri - I have a good friend who is having to do shots everyday relating to a clotting disorder... could be the same thing. She was really worried and depressed about it at first but said that the shots are really not that bad (especially compared to some of the other shots she is having to do while ttc). Good luck to you.



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