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Trina - November 1

Hi all! Got to hear the heartbeat for the first time today?!?! I'm 11 weeks 6 days. Anyway...it was 160bpm. I was wondering if that was normal. And isn't their a wives tale that the faster the heartbeat means girl..and under a certain number is boy???


ANNE - November 1



Trina - November 1

Thanks Anne! I'm so excited! This is my first! How about you??


Jessica - November 1

That is so untrue. My babies heartbeat has always been in the 160's and hes a boy. Dont believe it because its an old wives tale.


Jen - November 1

There is a small % of people that it hasn't worked for-but of all 5 babies that I have been around for the pregnancies-it has been right since the first us!!! I am 9 weeks and got 162 bpm. My son was a 140 steady the whole time-I think I am having a girl!!!!


Trina - November 1

It really doesn't matter to me whether its a boy or girl...but I'm so excited that I like to speculate. I know the heart rate is a wives tale...but I'm the type of person that does every gender predicter thing too! haha Its fun...pa__ses the time! lol


Gemma - November 2

The old wives tale is that over 140 bpm is a girl and under is a boy.


jk - November 2

I heard my babys heartbeat today too! It was 170. I wonder if the old wives tales are true!!


beth - November 2

Does how far along you are effect the heartbeat? I was 7 weeks when I had my u/s and the doctor said the heart beat was 156. I don't care if it's a boy or girl, as long as it's healthy.


Jessica - November 2

Yes how far along you are does affect the heartbeat. In the begining in tends to be a lot faster but as you get further along it will slow down some.


Tess - November 2

We first heard our baby's heartbeat last monday 10/31 I was 11w3d and heartbeat was 167 bpm. Does that mean Im having a girl? Dr. said thats normal heart rate but from what Ive been reading it says that 120-160 bpm is normal...but really its up to 180 bpm is normal. This is our 1st baby as well.


Jessica - November 2

Tess that is a normal and strong heartbeat for your baby! Although, that does not mean you are having a girl. I am 19 weeks pregnant and my babies heartbeat has been in the 160's and he is all boy. Its an old wives tale and only true after the baby is born.


stef - November 2

I'm now 9w2 days. i went in for my first u/s at 6w exactly it was only 124bpm. I have another appt on Nov. 25th which then i will be 12.5 weeks. i'm wondering if it will be higher. I really don't believe about the hb rates you could just have a really hiper baby??? Good luck to everyone.


mishelle - November 2

is the date of conception the day or around the time u had s_x?? i am so confused because they say the 1st 2 weeks u r not pregnant! i am due the nov 10th and they said my day of conception was feb 18th!!


Gemma - November 2

To Mishelle. Your due date is worked out by the first day of your last period. They say you are not pregnant for the first two weeks as most women concieve around two weeks before there next period starts due to them ovulating at this time. Your due date will still be worked out from the first day of your last period though because most people are not sure of the exact day they have concieved. If you have s_x one day it does not mean that you actually concieved on that day due to the sperm living inside your body for a number of days which could then get you pregnant say two days later. Usually by the time you miss your period you are actually about two weeks pregnant.


mishelle - November 2

thanks!! i had a v____al sonogram to see how far along i was cause i didnt know my last pierod. i just wanna know if the date of conception is around when i had s_x??????????????????????????????????


Missy - November 14

I am 27 weeks. My babies heartbeat has always been around 160 and it's supposed to be a girl (confirmed by ultrasound).



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