Heartbeat And Doppler

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abi_77 - October 23

Hi all: My doctor tried to hear the heartbeat with the doppler and she was not able to pick it up. I am 11 weeks now. She has scheduled me for ultrasound tomorrow. I am really nervous. Has this happened to anyone else. I have had some spotting on and off. ?


Sims1 - October 23

i was at my dr's this past weekend. and i'm now in my 10th week. and she said that she doesn't like to do dopplers before 14 weeks because it's hard to position and get a heartbeat properly and then it just scares the patient. So it might be quite normal not to hear anything yet.


sarah21 - October 23

It is entirely normal to not hear the heartbeat at 11 weeks. I went at 13 weeks and the Dr. told me to not worry if she couldn't get the heartbeat, that it is perfectly normal. I'm sure on the ultrasound you'll get a great view of that perfect beating heart. Just think of it this way-- now you get to see your little one!


Stephanie_31 - October 23

How long did the doctor try for? At 11 weeks on my home doppler (which is actually more sensitive than my doctors) it took me 30 mins to find the first time. I also had to press pretty hard, have the volume up all the way and be almost right on top of my pelvis to get a clear sound. The baby is so small and there are so many places to hide when they are that size some times it can't be found. If your placenta is anterior is can also be more difficult. Try not to worry, I'm sure everything is fine. KUP.


cynnababy - October 23

Try not to worry too much. At 11 weeks, sometimes it's still hard to pick up the heartbeat with a doppler. Like all the girls said, the baby is still very small, and they are a lot of places to hide. I was at the ER due to some severe bleeding when I was 11 weeks, and they couldn't find my baby's heartbeat with a doppler. I panicked, and started crying. They sent me in for emergency u/s, and it revealed a very active baby with heartrate of 168. I am sure everything will be fine with your baby too!!


Cevvin - October 23

usually they cant hear until around 12 weeks cuz you baby is hiding down to far. I did't hear mine until 14 weeks.



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