Heartbeat At 6 Weeks No Heartbeat At 7 Weeks

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rachel1 - June 19

HI please can I have some anwers ? My sister in law had a scan 1 and half weeks ago and measured at 6weeks and 2 days pregnant showing a heartbeat she had another scan this morning and measures at 7 and half weeks pregnant but couldnt find a heartbeat and said there was not much growth and it is a non viable pregnancy. Going by my calculations the baby has grown just fine in the right amount of time. The doctors wants her to go back tomorrow for some tablets or to have a dnc. I have phoned the hospital myself and arranged another scan to be sure of the results of which she has to go again today at 2.00 to be scanned by someone else as I dont want my family to go through the same thing as I went through ( misdiagnosed ectopic pregnancy- they treated me for ectopic and it was actually ovarian cysts but therefore terminated a healthy pregnacy). Please can someone advise if it is possible to see a heartbeat 1 week and not to see a heartbeat another week as its so early in pregnancy ? Many thanks in advance. And wish you all the best


rachel1 - June 19

please can someone advise anything?


Kimmer23 - June 19

I really don't know. I would a__sume they would be able to find a heartbeat at 7.5 weeks. But, I think getting a seoncd opinion is exactly what you should do. Make sure it just wasn't a bad u/s tech... Good luck! I hope everything is ok.


mcbee - June 19

I just don't really know either. I will tell you that I've never had a hard time seeing a heart beat with this pregnancy. It's not usually something they have to search for. If I were your sister, I definitely want another ultrasound (good call on your part). However, I would probably give it another week before I had the D&C, just to make sure.


Maho - June 24

Second opinion for SURE! Doctors are human and humans make mistakes.



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