Heartbeat At Ultrasound

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Natalie - November 21

Can anyone help me with the following: I had an u/s at 6wks 3days and there was a heartbeat of 110 beats per min? My dr mentioned that this may be a bit slow. I cannot find much info on how fast it should be. This is my first pregnancy and all very unknown!


Stef - November 22

when it first starts to beat its usually suppose to be between 120-160. Anything under that range is usually a sign that somthing may be wrong. Its best to get a reading at or around 8 weeks b/c then the hearts been beating for awhile and it picks up some. Your dr. might advise you to come back in 2 weeks to ck it again. When i was 6w1d the hb was 124. at 10weeks it was bw 150's and 160's. now at 12.5 weeks along i'll find out on friday what the hb is now.


crystal - November 22

hi there. all heart rates are different. especially if you are a smoker. an adult heart beat averages around a 100. I was always told that once it goes under 120 at ANY time during preganancy it raises eyebrows. Does not mean though that there is neccesarily a problem. baby is new going through more changes than anything. i hope all goes well for you.


To Natalie - November 22

My second child had a heartbeat of 118 at 6 weeks. Everything was fine and she is now 3!


crystal - November 22

my 1rst went up and down all the time. i now have a wonderful advanced 2yr old and waiting to see what is in store with no# 2!!!!


Tess - November 22

I had my 1st u/s done at 6 wks 3 days too and my baby's heartbeat was 123 bpm. And they said its normal...Not sure though about 110 bpm. Did you talk to your Dr. about it?


Natalie - November 22

Thanks so much for all your responses. I have another ultrasound in 2 days and hope to find out if there has been any changes. I had major bleeding the day before the last ultrasound and there is a chance that i may have a second pregnancy that is ectopic, but it could also be a cyst. The unknown is scary but just really want it all to be sorted. The Dr said it was a bit of a worry with the heartbeat but he also said that the reading may have not been accurate. Who knows...


lc - November 23

The sonographer who performed my first ultrasound at 6 weeks said they want to make sure it is over 100. You probably just got the u/s a little soon.



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