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Amanda - September 29

I was wondering if any of you gals have a heartbeat moniter at home that you use?? And if it works good?? I cant get into the doctors until my 10th week and I really want to hear some reinsurance!!!


Tara - September 29

I just got mine today. This is my fourth pregnancy and I lost my 3rd at 12 weeks the heart had stopped beating. I rented one hoping it would make me feel better in this pregnancy. I am 10.5 weeks and I spent 4 hours looking for a heartbeat and no luck. I was so upset I put it down for a few hours. I picked it up again and heard heartbeat right away and even timed it. It was such a relief. They say its easier to find the heartbeat when your further along, most doctors wont even try until 12 weeks and now I know why. I totally recommend getting one, but I wouldent get to concerned if you cant locate fetal heartbeat this early in pregnancy. After I found heartbeat I moved just a little and spent another half an hour looking and no luck finding it again, so I think Ill just wait until Im over 11 weeks to try again. I rented mine for my entire pregnancy and I think Ill really enjoy it! Best wishes


Jessica - September 30

HI girls I just wanted to tell you about my doppler experience. I rented one at 9 weeks and picked it up right away. I rented mine from stork radio and I am so pleased. The one I rented is meant to pick up heartbeats early on and also reads you the beats per minute. It is great and would recomend it to anyone. I am now almost 15 weeks and listen to it everyday since the day I got it!


Tara - September 30

Update- Mine is working really good now it takes me about 10 minutes, but I always find it. Some are better then others mine can only detect heartbeat at 10-12 weeks (Im only 10.5 weeks) and some better ones can detect as early as 8 weeks. Mine also is not digital I actually have to count beats for 10 seconds and multiply by 6. Im from Canada and wanted it right away, so I went with a Canadian company and they did not have fancy dopplers, but Im still really happy with the one I got. I suppose if you got a better one it would be easier to find heartbeat earlier. The only thing is I was told to have full bladder and I seem to be able to find it better with an empty bladder.I dont know why. Good luck and I would also recommend getting one, its worth it!


karen - September 30

Amanda, I had my first appointment at 9 weeks, and they could not find a heartbeat with the doppler. Even though they a__sured me that it was early and they usually can't get one until 12 weeks, I was worried. Then it was there for the ultrasound and I felt better. I have friends who recommend against getting a doppler to use at home though, because like Tara said, sometimes it's hard to find. If you're OK with that--with knowing that you may not necessarily always find the heartbeat--then I'd get one. But if you're like me and you would stress and freak out if you didn't hear it, I wouldn't.


Tara - September 30

I agree with you Karen with your advice to Amanda. I would only rent one with the intention that you may not find the heartbeat, but if you do its a bonus. If your further along like 14 weeks your chances of finding one would be a lot better. Its really hard at first to locate. I love it now, but I was so stressed at first.


Sue - October 1

I would recommend getting one. They are a huge rea__surance for many people. I rented one for my last pregnancy (which ended in m/c w/ no heartbeat) but I can't wait to get one for this pregnancy. My partner is excited as well, as it's pretty cool to have 'proof' so easily available.


g - October 1

I am 13 weeks and i rented the Doppler last week! It helps relieve my fears of waiting inbetween appts. I lost a baby at 12 weeks, i have a 5 year old girl and now am having complications with this one which is why it helps me stress less to have one! My DR never heard of it and is making sure its safe but never called me back.So apperantly its fine. So good luck to you girls!



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