Heartbeat Question

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llukenjess - March 5

I'm woried that the heart rate is a little high....i am 11w3d and on monday the HR was recorded at 179bpm...please let me know if that's too high or if i should be concerned or not?


joleenb - March 5

i would be more concerned if it was too low...what did the dr say?


llukenjess - March 5

I have the apt tomorrow...


stefkay - March 5

I don't think that is too high at all...the heartrate fluctuates so much! It does tend to go down the further along you get, but you are still in the first tri. I bet you have a little girl in there ;) I'm almost 23 weeks and when I use my doppler I get anywhere from 140 to 170, so it varies a lot. When they give you a number I think they just take one, but when I do the doppler and watch the screen, the number goes up and down and all over in just a matter of seconds (which nurse said is completely normal).


stefkay - March 5

What I meant to clarify is that the dr. or nurse has to just pick one of the numbers to give you but I can bet that the heartrate produced several different numbers that were lower too...


softbreeze200 - March 5

llukenjess, I would say it is ok. Mine was up around that 180 mark until about 12-13 weeks and then it started to decline and now sits around 140-150. I am sure it is fine. It is within the recomended range and if it was something they were concerned about they would have said something about it. That is not the kind of thing that they would leave unattended. DO not worry, all is good with your little one and it just has a faster hr than others, so does mine! I am sure you will find out otmmarow that all is good and be rea__sured!


cherryzz08 - March 5

Im almost 8 weeks and my babys heart rate was 162 yesterday.


llukenjess - March 5

ok good i'm very happy to hear about that...


TJLebrija - March 16

When I first heard my baby's heartbeat it was 135bpm. I thought that was kind of low.....any thoughts?



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