Heartrate Rumors Is Is A Boy Or Girl

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RG - April 4

You know how everyone says, "if your heartrate is high or low determines if it is a boy or girl" does anyone know the numbers? I think about 160ish is average from what I've read (that could be wrong)...but what's a boy heartbeat and what's a girl heartbeat???


jena - April 4

i don't know the numbers but I've heard a faster heartrate is a girl...


Stephanie - April 4

I heard faster heartbeat means girl as well. I don't know though. I'm also looking for answers! 7wk 6 day u/s said 187 and then the dobbler at 11 wk 6 day read 156 so it went down. The Dr. & nurse said that this is natural for heartbeats to go up and down.


lisa - April 4

i dont think the heart rate this is correct...i had twins one always had a higher one and the other twins was low. i thought the same thing boy and girl....my twins are fraternal....i now have 3 1/2 year old twin boys. good luck.


TO RG - April 5

I heard that below 139 is Boy and above 140 is girl but It depend on how your baby is some baby’s heart bit strong even though it's he... For my first Prego may baby girl had heart bit low like 135 to 140 and my dr. always said it's a boy because it's low heart bit and it's turn out to be a girl so It deepened. This time I am 10 weeks and I want to find out what is my baby heart bit. u/s (8 weeks) says 176 but yesterday dr. said 120 so I am confuse but at the same time I am OK because I can hear my little one heart bit.


Heidi - April 5

I just had an ultrasound done and she said the heartbeat was 162 and she was pretty sure it was a girl but said it's too early to be 100% sure. She didn't say anything about the heart rate determining the s_x. She just said the rate flucuates during certain weeks or whatever.


To Heidi - April 5

How far you are? That was your first U/S and she said it's girl but not sure?


Nadine - April 5

You can always look at the Chinese Birth Chart to help determine the s_x. I'm having a girl!


To Nadine from RG - April 5

Where do you find that Chineese Cal? I'm going to go try and search for it.


To RG from Nadine - April 5

http://www.obfocus.com/calculators/birthchart.htm If the link doesn't work, search for Chinese Birth Chart in Yahoo. Good luck!


Heidi - April 5

I'm 12.5 wks. She said she was about 60% it was a girl but said it was very early and she could be wrong, but she thinks it's a girl. I'm not counting on it though till my next ultrasound.


lilmum - April 5

it is an oldwives tale that the heartrate can determine the s_x of your baby. It worked for me and two of my friends!! Wait until you can hear the heart beat by a doppler not ultrasound (first three months are usually very fast). But they say a girl's heartrate is usually between 140-160, and a boys is 120-140. Take the average of your next three visits, it's not always the same and can read very high or very low some days. My son averaged between 130 and 138 for my second trimester, where both my friends said there's was 145-150, and they had girls (well one is still pregnant, due in six days!!!!)


Heather - May 29

Supposedly if the heart rate is above 140 it is a girl and below it is a boy. It has worked for all my friends so far. We should do a poll. My first born had a heart rate in the 150's and is a girl. This pregnancy its also in the 150's but wont know what I'm having until the end:)


Sandra - July 18

I'm on my 16th week and I received my second sonogram and my baby's heartbeat was 156 and the doctor told me it's a boy. Have you heard of any mistakes in sonograms? I really want a girl! I already have a 5 yr. old son.


Jennifer - July 19

Hi ladies, I heard that a heartrate over 140 meant girl and under 140 meant boy. It is a wives tale of course. my baby's heartrate has always been between 160 and 180 and I'm having a boy.


Kim - July 19

I was told with my two year old, because of the heartbeat, it was a girl. When I got my ultrasound, it was a BOY!! You can't always go off of the heartbeat. Wait until your ultrasound reveals the s_x of your child to you.


marie - July 22

I don't believe any of that anymore. I am just starting my 7th month I rented a dopler for peace of mind and my baby girl has had a really fast heartbeat and a very slow heartbeat depending on the time of day and what I have been up to. Doc said that is a very unreliable wives tale.



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