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Magrath2005 - January 29

NO ONE HAS ANSWERED MY QUESTION...CAN SOMEONE HELP AND GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS??? I went to the doctors on Tues the 16th and found out that I am due on the 1st of Sept. When he did the pap smear I bled really heavy but he wasnt concern when that happened and just had me on bed rest. Just recently my private area has become sore. I can clean, wipe down there and go to the bathroom and do everything else normally and have no pain but sometimes when I sit is when I feel the soreness? What does this mean? I asked my husband because hes in the medical field and he said that if I wasnt in pain then I'm ok, and I'm not in pain..So what could it be? Its just sore. ? I CALLED THE DOCTOR ALREADY AND HIS NURSE SAID THAT THIS WAS NORMAL BUT SHE SEEMED LIKE IN A RUSH SO SHE DIDNT SAY FOR HOW LONG...CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME????


margie - January 29

for the past week ive been getting what feels like pain on my cervix, kind of like after you get a pelvic exam pap smear. i dont know if thats the same as what you are having but it has gone away the past couple of days...i a__sume it was just because of changes with the cervical area and how sensitive it is down there right now since i have also had pink spotting after s_x for a couple of days...i decided to just not have s_x for a few days and see what happens...i would try to see if you can go in and get checked just to see if its not an infection or something like that, which if it is, that would be something minor that they can treat. good luck, hope the pain stops soon!


ChattyKathy - January 30

I'm sure your doctors would tell you if there was a reason for concern. The pain could be your cervix recovering from the pap. The bleeding was probably from the pap, as well, because the cervix is very sensitive. If you're still concerned, call them up just to make sure.


socalmom - January 30

with my dd I had spotting for a week on and off after they did the first trans-vag u/s and pap I had called the Dr. office and they told me it was normal. I just had it done again with this pregnancy and told her again that I had spotting with my DD and she told me again that it was normal! So I would say if you are not having severe cramping/pain then it should be ok. You can also call again if you think you will be able to talk to someone for more than a second!!!! Good Luck!!!


claudiao - January 31

When I was pregnant with my second child I would had a lot of v____al soreness mainly from sitting down. Only I would feel an unbelievable amount of pressure and soreness after getting up from sitting down than from just sitting down. This uncomfortable pressure pain lasted my whole pregnancy and went away entirely after the birth of that child. I'm still not quite sure why that happend and why it only happend in that pregnancy but it did go away and I feel confident enough to tell you that yours will go away either further into the pregnancy or at the end of the pregnancy. My pain/soreness bothered me so much during that pregnancy I brought small pillows I could sit on if I knew I'd be sitting somewhere for a long time (the longer I sat the worse it got). Hope this helps and I hope it doesn't get too annoying.



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