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zoelouise - May 5

h__lo ... I'm Zo ...I'm 26... I have posted a few things upon here and had some great feed back... Let me tell you about myself then ill cotinue.. Right... hehehehe...!!!! My last period was 2nd April-6th April My next one was due 30th but never came i am now 5days late.. 2wks before i was due i started peeing alot, cramps, headaches, always had this constant feeling as though i have something lodged in back of throat, i feel sick in afternoon but no physically been sick, i'm very emotionally ill have days where ill burst into tears for no apparent reason, i am extremely sleepy sleeping all the time night and day which is highy unusual for me...I have done a few test tried first response/ clear blue easy/clear blue digital, answer, predictor and a few cheaps ones but all came bk negative... I do feel pregnant and no matter how many negatives i still feel as though i am 100% pregnant.... Now for the past few days i have been experiencing abdonimal pain during s_xual intercourse.. I wonder if any body else was in the same boat as me and eve though they had signs n neg tests actually they turned out to be pregnant i am stressed to the max....!!! I have been to see my doctor yesterday he says i do have all the symptoms he has gave me a urine bottle to do for monday morning i did ask why he wanted to wait until then he said that only 16% of women test positive when taking a test a day after a missed period and that home tests are misleading he said its always best to wait 1-2 weeks he told me if my results came back neg then he would book me in for a week after the results were back.... Can anyone help me in my situation please ..Thank you !!! xxxxxxx


voilet06 - May 5

Hi Zo, well i had the same thing except i had no clue i could have been preg! i couldn't sleep for 2 weeks after my period and i was moody as hell! crying at anything! i went to the dr after i was late and he had me do a blood test! to check my HcG levels - why don;t you call and ask for that? you can call for the results yourself a day later! i know i had to the same symptoms as you though and it was positive, don;t stress out! because thats not good for your body - try and think if it is then it is if not then its not! hope it helps keep posting though!


zoelouise - May 5

Thank you violet.... The doctor said that i had to have urine test 1st he would do a blood test if i had a Negative... Thank you for your reply hun it helps and gives me some encouragement.. Do you use Msn ???



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