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babysel22 - May 1

I went to the ER yesterday because i have been spotting rbown for 5 days now.When i got there they did a va___al ultrasound and they could not see anything in my uterus however they saw something on my right tub but they are not sure if it is the pregnancy or a complex cyst.They also did a HCG count and it is at 1231.please help any opinions advice????? Is there hope ?????? Why could they not see anything in my uterus why????? I am so scared.


parkermegan - May 1

Maybe it is still to early.... You said they saw something in your tube? Did they check more into that to see if it is ectopic??


electronicandy - May 1

eeek >< I have to tell you, it sounds alot like an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, which would have to be removed if the pregnancy is indeed in the tube. I could be wrong though, so keep us updated please! Good luck honey!


tndrlvn - May 2

i'm sorry to hear about what you are going through Babysel...i know for a fact with the HCG level that is definitly a pregnant not pregnant would be less then 5......however depends on if you are having a slow m/c...which could be possible...what they need to do is now have you do another HCG level to make sure it isnt' dropping....if it is then you are having a m/c unfortunatly.....i 9 weeks and i know how it is to go througha m/c i went threw a few myself... and yes i would have to agree with Candy...but our hopes and prayers are with you hun....keep us posted


babysel22 - May 3

Hello girls thank you so much.Well i went for another ultrasound and beta count.They found the gestational sac yeepeee!!!! and my numbers are more than doubleing so that is good thank you so much.


babysel22 - May 3

Ohone more thing what i have by my fallopian tub is a cyst doctor has to chked more into that.


electronicandy - May 3

Oh I am so happy for you!!! What great news that is, and I'm sure you are happy beyond words, huh?



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