HELP Confused About Dates

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confused - November 11

Hi, wondering if someone could help me here. I had an ultrasound at what I thought was 8 weeks.But, at the ultrasound she said that my dates weren't right bc I was nine weeks. we have been ttc and I know my dates, I told her that, she said the baby was bigger than that. How is that possible??


Confused too! - November 11

Hi, I went for a scan last week at 7 weeks exactly and have to go back next week as my ob is concerned that the embryo is smaller than it should be and he just wants to monitor that the growth is ok. This is freaking me out. But I think from what I am reading that its not just the date of your last period but also ovulation and date of implantation. Also, everybody is different, I was really worried but my Mum told me that all her babies were less than 7lbs while everybody else were having much larger babies. Maybe that has something to do with it. I am sure you saw the heartbeat - that's the most important. I did too and was so relieved but I'll feel better after next week's scan. I'm glad to see that somebody else is as confused as I am but I'm sure it will all settle in a few weeks. Best of luck.


confused - November 11

we did see and hear the heartbeat. The only thing is that if that put me back a week, then that means I ovulated during my period and we didn't even have s_x before or during that time. It just doesn't make sense to me. With my son, we were dead on with the dates, but know I am confused. My son was 10 pounds-I guess I will just wait and see. thanks


jk - November 13

with each of my kids they pushed my due date back 10-15 days. I kept track so I know I wasnt off with my dates too! My kids were all 9-91/2 pounds...and born late!! Go figure. :)


To Confused. - November 13

You have to remember that this is not an exact science. What the ultrasound does is tells you what size the baby is and what that is average for. It doesn't mean it is true. I should be 8 wks, 4 days and measured 9 wks 2 days whereas two weeks earlier when I should have been 6 wks 4 days and I measured 6 weeks, 2 days. Its all averaging. Future ultrasounds may show a different due date.



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