Help Did Anyone Concieve 6 Days Before Af

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New - April 3

Please tell me if anyone concieved 6 days before period?


<Amy> - April 4

Yes i did, and i think it was exactly 6 days aswel.


Misty - April 4

If what Amy says is right then I am completly wrong about this. But I have talked to quite a few people that all said your period comes based on when you ovulate, and that from when you ovulate your period starts 14 days after that. That is why some people have irregular periods, they ovulate at different times so their periods start at different times. If that is right (and I think it is based on how many people I heard it from) that would make it pretty much impossible to concieve 6 days before your period. An egg only lives for 48 hours (positive about that one :-)) so you could have concieved at the most 12 days before your period was supposed to be here.


<Amy> - April 5

No, people have concieved while being on their period. Your period doesn't come based on when you ovulate, It can for some women but not all. Some women can ovulate later or earlier than others. I am an example. I definately concieved 6 days before af was due as it was the only time i had s_x since last period, resulting in me now being pregnant.


Janine - April 5

I had the same thing. My last period was January 3 so I thought I was ovulating around the 17th or 18th, so my husband and I tried then to have a baby. We went to Hawaii and on the 29th I started spotting and spotted for 12 days. I went for a u/s and they saw no baby and told me to come back next week. The next week we saw a heartbeat. It turns out I didn't ovulate the 17th I ovulated on the 26th, I was due for my next period early February. So I dont know how many days before my period I ovulated because I am irregular (by only a few days) but it was around a week or less. So people ovulate at different times. It is totally true. Now I am 12 weeks and everything is going great!


Serena - September 22

what is af???



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