Help I Don T Know If I What I Have Done Is Bad

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unsure46 - January 31

Taking a pregnancy test today. I would be ~ 4 weeks right now if I am. What happens if I have used a certain smoking substance about 4+ times a week over the last 4 weeks not knowing. Will that completely damage the baby?


mrs.raymond - January 31

if you are talking about a smoking substance that is green you should be ok with my first child i didnt know i was pregnant and i was young and i did it for three months before i found out i was pregnant my doctor said that there has never really been any official reports of it affecting the babies health but it cant be good for you or the baby so i stopped and havent smoked since i think as long as you dont smoke anything anymore or at least until you have had the baby and you are done if you are smoking crack or something i would go tell a doctor right now to make sure you didnt mess him/her up...;( i hope thats not what you have been smoking though!! oh yeah and to abswer your is illegal so its kinda bad ; )


MandyRenee - January 31

I wouldnt worry about it, I have a friend that smoked through her entire pregnancy just so that she could eat. My friends daughter, is perfect. Where I'm from it's completely normal, and even though I dont smoke, I dont know anyone who would think it was bad for me to just because I was pregnant. It's more of a natural way to calm down and get some food down. If you havent noticed, here in the states us pregnant ladies have to do everything perfect. I think, just try to be healthy, do what you think is best, nobody does everything right.


redsonya - February 1

wait a second. mandy, are you saying your friend smoked (not cigaretters) through her pregnancy and her child turned out ok? i can understand smoking until you actually knew you are pregnant and THEN quitting. i don't mean to dog your friend...but smoking is THE only thing that I am craving through this pregnancy. I haven't done it and I won't but your story is kind of funny!


Shannon - February 2

well, it's really early on in your pregnancy so i'm sure your baby will be ok. studies on it are really wishy washy sounding, from what i've read, but just to be safe don't do it anymore now that you know you're pregnant and everything will be fine.


kimberly - February 2

Al depends on what smoking substance you are talking about. As the other posters have said if it is green then I would say you are fine but need to quit now! The problem wih smoking it is there has been a link to kids having adhd and add and other learning disabilities later in childhood. Also any kind of smoke reduce the oxygen to the baby because it crosses the placenta which is where the baby gets its oxygen, this can cause a low birth weight baby, and premature delivery. Most studies show that if the women quits before the 3rd month there is little to know effect on the baby. So quit now and take that test to confirm!


kimberly - February 2

Sorry about typing errors!! lol! I think you get the point though.


MandyRenee - February 2

Yes I'm saying that I know people who smoke weed, not cigarettes, not crack, just weed, through the pregnancy and everything is fine. If you are worried about less oxygen getting to the blood, which by the way funny story but I have seen someone smoke weed while at the hospital and his blood oxygen level did go down a bit but not even enough to set off the alarm. Dont smoke it, eating it does the same thing without the smoke. Like I said before, I dont smoke, but I have seen good enough proof for me that it doesnt have bad side effects. As for ADHD, everything causes it, I think doctors just want to make mothers think its there fault and they screwed up there kid. I wouldnt smoke either, just to be safe, I'm just saying that from what I have seen I dont think its bad.



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