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byanka - May 9

I have had morning sickness (all day), since 6 weeks (I am now 8wks). Usually I love to eat very healthy. Lots of Vegies, low fat etc. Since feeling sick, I have been turned off a lot of food. Eating most Vegies makes me queasy (even just thinking about eating them), as well as meat/chicken, along with a lot of other foods I normally really enjoy. And I have been craving salty or sweet foods, and high carb foods like pasta and hot chips (oven baked of course). I can eat unlimited chicken noodle soup, but this doesn’t fill me up. All day I am hungry, which makes me queasy. But I never know what I feel like eating. I can’t even look at recipe books any more (one of my favourite past-times), because looking at a lot of the food makes me feel sick. My husband says it must all be in my head. I take multi vitamins to try and compensate. I hate craving ‘unhealthy’ food, and not being able to eat good food. Does anyone have any advice, or been in a similar situation?


San_dee - May 10

yeah i was!!! i found oranges and tomatoes on crackers went down really well. that was pretty much my diet for a few weeks. I remember with my first pregnancy i was so paranoid about what i ate, the midwife told me just to eat what eva i wanted, on the way home i got KFC and i ate unhealthly for a while but i tell you i felt really good. you need to be intaking at least twice the amount of carbs. This pregnancy so far (im 11w4d) ive gained 7 kg already!! and thats on the orange and tomato on cracker diet. I havent eaten dinner in over 2 weeks,


Leilani14 - May 10

Byanka, It happend to me too. Any raw vegie made me sick, cooked vegies too for a while, but not so bad as raw. I subst_tuted a lot with fruits, bananas, oranges and cooked apples. I ate a lot of oranges. Vegies I limited to pickels and pickled beets. And a lot of bread, pasta and potato chips. I was woried because I was eating very little protein. My dr told me not to worry, so eventually (around 12weeks) I started to dring huge quant_ties of milk. I think that your body knows what it needs. Take care


byanka - May 10

Thank you so much. It's nice to know there are others going through the same thing.....Bianca


AshleyB - May 10

Hi I'm going through something similar. But I've been soooo sick until today I havent' been able to keep anything down in over a week. I went to the ER on monday and had to have fluids from being dehydrated. I'm 8wks5days. I've been sick since 6wks. I feel guilty because I haven't taken any vitamins or anything good. But it was kinda funny, the last 4days where I was so extremely sick, the baby grew 5days worth in 3days. According to u/s, my doc told me to eat whatever you can keep down, or whatever you crave. Because your body will crave the things it needs. Good luck.


mandee25 - May 11

I went through this earlier in my pregnancy. I craved carby things like bagels, cereals, yogurt, milk and ice cream, pizza etc. Once the m/s went away about a few weeks ago my aversions to veggies and other foods went away and I could eat normally. I will be 13 weeks tomorrow.


momof3 - May 11

Hi byanka, I posted something similar yesterday..I am going through the exact same thing right now. I am normally a very healthy eater, and I am craving fast food, doughnuts, bagels all c___ppy stuff. I do feel really guilty B/C I can't stand veggies at all. I eat lots of fruit though...and crave orange juice that is icy cold. Water grosses me out too, I definately don't get the reccommended amont of water in a day, it makes me feel worse!



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