HELP Pregnant And Overweight

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heather - March 31

im 10 weeks pregnant ! very overweight! im so scared that theres gonna be complications! has anyone been pregnant or who is pregnant who can help me! i eat healthy but i have some weight on me!!! am i in trouble~


RG - April 1

I'm very overweight too, and the doctors all say, if you're pregenant, then you're not to big to get that way. Just continue to eat healthy and say some prayers that everything will be fine. I've actually lost a little weight since becoming pregnant. I'm 8 weeks today. Good Luck!


heather - April 1

thanks for writing back ! how are you feeling?


Kim - April 3

I weigh considerably more with this pregnancy than with my last--- like, say 30 pounds heavier! I'm worried as well, but I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible. I think being able to walk more in the coming warmer months will help, too. Just stay away from high sugar contents--especially in the last trimester--- it adds directly to the weight of the baby (I know this from past experience!) :) Good Luck!


A - April 4

I am about 60 lbs overweight and I am 5 weeks pg. I have been exercising and eating healthy since my DH and I TTC. In teh past 3 weeks, I have gained 7lbs. I have had no other pg symptoms other than the tests that were pos. Any idea why I would gain so much weight so soon?


KG - August 18

The fact is there can be complications in ANY pregnancy regardless of weight! I am very overweight- around 275. Last year I had a very healthly baby boy (I gained about 25 lbs during the pregnancy). I didn't have high blood pressure or high blood sugar. I am pregnant again now and due in about 3 weeks. Again, everything is going well and I haven't had any complications and expecting another healthy boy. I also have a great doctore who I talked to about my weight and instead of judging me, she believes in me and I feel like I have support to make the best of the situation. I know the reality is that there are risks in pregnany and ideally I would have loved to have been at a normal body weight when I got pregnant, but I wasn't and it's been ok. God is bigger than all the studies & statistics! Best wishes to you & yours.


Shan - September 15

Heather - I feel your pain. I'm 5 weeks pregnant and overweight. I'm scared just like you...however, I feel like I need to take control and so i'm going to have a low-salt/low-sugar diet, exercise and drink plenty of water. Of course, a little prayer helps as well. Best wishes to you and your baby to be.


rachel - September 27

hi everyone.. I too am extremely overweight, but my husband and i are expecting our first baby... i have no idea what to expect or look for, and i tend to be quite a worrier. I have taken 7 pg tests, and all are positive, but i haven't seen a doctor. I've been reading books since i found out, and all say that i should be able to feel my uterus above my pubic bone, but when i lay down i can't really feel anything except fat layers... I think I am about 12 weeks along... what should i be feeling. what does a uterus feel like? muscle?



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