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cat - September 13

I need some advice. I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am naseauos all the time 24/7. I have not vomitted but I feel like I will all the time. There is no break and I can't handle it no more. I am really stressed and am crying because of it. I know that it is recommended to eat crackers (which I have- but I'm still feeling sick) and all but I wanted to know what worked for you .My husband tells me he's sorry and can't help me and my mom just asks me if I remembered this sickeness from my past pregnancies before I got pregnant. Nobody seems to care..PLEASE I need your advice...I'm desparate!!!!


nina - September 13

Hi cat, sorry to hear about your nausea, I've had some and this is what worked for me: constant snacking and sipping on tea and lots of water, green grapes (another gal on this site recommended them and they work wonders!!!) ginger tea, peppermint tea, raspberry leaf tea, ginger cookies help a little, anything you think you might be able to stomach at the time, the green grapes and the ginger tea probably help the most though. It's also recommended to take a B-complex vitamin as well as your prenatal (don't worry, very safe and good for baby) It's said that m/s is often caused by a lack of B's and one more thing that's supposed to help and works for me is going for a walk, supposed to shed some of the extra hormones that may be the cupret for the nauses. Hope this helps......


to cat - September 14

I too am always nauseous 24/7 since week 5. This week I have found relief in looking into the toilet which makes me throw up. Not a permanent fix but atleast it last for a little while. Only eat what you want. Don't try to eat other things because its the closest thing to you. I also read to eat small meals every two hours. I am all crackered out and don't even want to look at crackers. About week 7 water started to make me sick so by putting some lemon juice into it helps. You don't want to be dehydrated. If you don't have to don't cook the less you have to smell the better off you will be, cook as much in the microwave as you can or ask your husband to cook. I'm sorry you are feeling so bad, but I know what you're going through-- Tray


nanny - September 14

i dont know if it helps everyone but my friend who is on baby no 5 said that those wrist bands for travel sickness help her with morning sickness... hope you feel better soon, anything is worth a try... xxxx


Scoobymommy - September 14

Have you asked your doc about your GTT yet? That's a glucose tolerance test, the one to check for gestational diabetes. It actually sounds like you are the opposite, hypoglycemic. I have this problem, and it happens because you have LOW blood sugar all the time. The only way to help solve is to get carbs into your system. If you can't eat(just the thought of having to chew food made me sick) try the Carnation instant breakfast drinks. They get the sugar and carbs into your body quickly, and suprisingly you feel better almost immediately. As soon as you feel better, get something else into your stomach, that will stick with you. A bowl of cornflakes or cheerios, a sandwich, something with more carbs in it. Good luck!


Scoobymommy - September 14

By the way, being sick early in your first tri can mean that everything is good. It is the rising hormones that make you sick, and strangely, the sicker you are, the less likely you are to miscarriage. There's a little ray of sunshine to help you while you pray to the round white goddess!


lily - September 15

I completley understand, i'v tried vitamin B6 tablets, ginger tablets, sea bands, all without success. I can't go for a walk as when I'm feeling sick I also get shaky and basically can't get up off the couch. My doctor prescribed me Maxalon tabs, well they are a god send, they work really well. I hope your'e feeling better really soon, it makes you feel miserable.


Sam - September 16

Hi Cat, I really can empathise with you. Im 11 wks pg and have experienced nausea from wk 5, then from wk 7, actually vomiting to present. It isnt nice at all, i often feel anxious in case i am going to be sick when im out, i have to take a carrier bag with me. Ive tried all remedies as everyone mentioned and it does help, but it just feels never ending. Take rea__surance that your body is doing as it should do in its pregnant state. Good Luckxxx P.S. I also found that water made me feel sick, strange!


Can - September 16

Peanut B___ter seems to help me... on whatever works for you.


Robin - September 16

Hi Cat! I've been there! I cry about once a week because I am soooo tired of feeling the way I do. Sick all the time. I read that alot of women turn to carbs such as crackers, bread, pancakes, ect. but really protein helps alot better. If you can stand it try some nuts, eggs, milk, meat, ect. Eat every 2 hours even if you aren't hungry. Be careful with cold deli meats, they say it can contain a chemical that causes misscarriges. So, just heat it throughly before making a sandwhich. Also, another trick is to eat cold foods because hot foods let off a stronger smell. Good luck!


11 wks & counting - September 16

One of my friends only ate foods that she wouldn't mind throwing up, how gross/funny is that! She ate alot of ice cream, fruit popsicles, yogurt, etc. Exercise walking(not aggressive & only if doctor says its okay) in the morning to get me going helped tremendously! Doing meditation to calming music, getting lost in enjoyable books, learning deep breathing exercises, prenatal yoga, find something that works for you! It will probably be something that requires your total involvement and attention! Good luck!



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