Help For Nausea

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Lana - April 10

I have bad all day sickness and wanted to know if there is anything that would help. I have tried crackers but they just give me something to throw up.Help!


Cammy - April 10

Try ginger ale/beer (non-alcoholic of course), ginger biscuits - anything gingery. The natural stuff is much better. Try ginger tea (peel 1-2 inches of ginger, put in mug and pour hot water), or if you can handle, chew on small pieces of ginger every now and then. Also before bed, try eat something brown, like brown cereal (wheat) or brown bread. Hope this helps.


lisa - April 10

hi i am just about 11weeks and nothing helped me...doc had to give me meds....what helped me some was toast with peanut b___ter when i was able to eat it. i am still on meds to help me. i hope you feel better soon.


Lana - April 10

Thanks ladies. I will be sure to try them both. I will try anything to help!


Ca__sie - April 11

I too have been experiencing all-day sickness. The thing that works BEST for me is to suck on a hard candy. I went out to Costco and bought a 5lb bag of jolly ranchers. It really really really helps.


Heidi - April 11

Soup broth is good. Each day was different for me with what I could tolerate and not tolerate. It's terrible. I feel for ya. Broth was good though or chicken noodle soup. I went with what I craved. I tried candies but then worried I'd get more cavities than I already have!!! My prenatal pills made me sick so I went to a regular vitamin instead and the sickness subsided and around 10 wks I started feeling much better.


Nadine - April 11

I suffered terrible and am 1000000x better now (week 10). I think if I tried to eat all day (graze) I would have done better. Try taking your prenatal before you go to bed. It's not a good feeling, I know, I remember! I kept crackers in my bed with me!! Small sips of ginger-ale may help...Don;t worry, one day you will wake up and it will be gone!


Nadine - April 11

Also, someone previous mentioned ginger tea--although I agree that this will be helpful and fine to ingest, you may want to be careful about your other types of herbal teas from say health food stores. Some of them may not even be FDA approved and are sort of homeopathic medicines. I have read about them causing problems in pregnancy.



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