Help I Feel Alone

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Kimberly - January 27

Just last week I found out I was around 6 weeks pregnant. At first I was sad b/c I am 21 not married and in the police academy. My bf who is 25 kept me together. He was loving and then 2 days later he went nuts. He has made me feel isolated and scared. He still lives at home and his parents are very religious, so his biggest consern is them. However my biggest concern is my health, his health ( he is diabetic) and our baby's health. I have talked to him about it and he looked me in the eye with a response that broke my heart " this is the biggest F**k up of my life" but just a few days ago he told that he was almost 26 and I am giving him something he has been thinking about for 3 years now. He thinks that I am pretending to be sick for the attention. Which isn't true I really feel sick and yes I do need attention I am his gf and pregnant I deserve extra attention. I need help is there anything I can say or do to knock some sense into him. I am too scared to be alone in this. HELP!!!!!!


Cathy - January 27

Take him to the doctor with you. Once he is more involved I am sure that he will come around. He just sounds scared and unsure right now. My husband was the same way,but when it sunk in he was a heaven sent angel. When i had my m/c, he was visibly upset and pampered me for weeks. Still is now that I think of it. Good luck to you.


e.f. - January 27

If it makes you feel any better, mine said he didn't want to tell me how he felt about the baby because he didn't want to make me upset. Well, gee let me think about that-it couldn't have been good. I am 22 and this will be our 3rd child together. He has come around alot since our first, but he still sometimes drives me crazy. I think the main concern for you should be you and your unborn baby. Men come and go-children will always be there to need you. Go with the flow-if he keeps acting squirrely try some counseling maybe. Men handle fear alot different than women (that's why we're the ones that have the babies) Usually after the first couple months they start to get excited (as much as they can I suppose). But I think the main thing is to worry about yourself. These nine months are short and you will miss them. I keep telling mine that this is my last d__n pregnancy-so it better be a good one!


Kimberly - January 27

Thanks for your input. I was thinking of leaving him b/c of this but hopefully he comes around.



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