Help I M Going On Vacation

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preggosauce - December 4

Ok, so my family has had this cruise planned for over a year. I leave in a week and fly from Hawaii to Florida. I was REALLY excited to go...until last week when I found out I was preggo. Why am I not as excited? Well, The week we leave I will be 6 weeks which is when the morning sickness started with my last pregnancy. BLAH. PLUS everyone keeps telling me how much FOOOD will be on the cruise. Last pregnancy I gained almost 60 pounds!! I still had 10 pounds to lose from the last pregnancy. I DO NOT...repeat...DO NOT want to gain that much weight again. Anyone have any tips on how NOT to gain weight and NOT give into my cravings? The last thing...I've been to Disndey World and Disney Land a bunch...but my husband has never been. I was SOOOO excited to get to take him while were in in Florida...Now, I suppose I won't be able to ride the rides. How lame is that?! I know that it won't matter because the baby of course is much more exciting...but while I'm there...I'm sure I'll be totally bummed. (And sick!) Sorry ladies...just had to vent. If anyone has any tips on what to do so I don't get sick all the time or gain a ton load of weight that would be great!! Thanks all....


ShoppingForTwo - December 4

If your not trying to gain weight then morning sickness is the perfect natural remedy for now. Eat what ever you want while on vacation because you will probably just throw it up anyway, lol. That sounds horrible I know! For the past couple weeks I throw up after EVERY meal! And have lost weight. I try to eat very healthy between meals and try to keep it down, but usually that comes back up as well. I say go on vacation and enjoy, you don't know WHEN your next on will be. Take your hubbie to Disney World, wait in line with him, then let him get on and you wait for him. They do have this Finding Nemo Submarine ride that you CAN ride. Its awesome. I say go on the trip and make the best of it. :)


newlywed0915 - December 4

There are rides you can go on with him at Disneyworld...and there's other Animal Kingdom and MGM Grand that have simulated rides and such. Try buying those lollipops from Motherhood ...they're a rememdy for morning sickness apparently.


Faye84 - December 4

I get what your going through. Well I dont know how much help ill be seeing as I blew up like a balloon with my last pregnancy. Although mine was more towards the third trimester so I dont count that :-) Drink alot of water, it will keep you full, and beleive it or not when you start craving things half the time that means your thirsty. Thats a bummer though, talk a bout crazy timing. You should talk to your doc about going on rides, i thought it was when you get further along, cause i mean, not many woman know that they are pregnant at 6 weeks, alot of them are still drinking and smoking! Good luck!


mjvdec01 - December 4

Preggie Pop Drops from Motherhood Maternity, you can also buy them at Babies 'R' Us. They are small and you can put the whole container in your purse. Also, bread tends to help a lot. Take a couple rolls on the plane with you, they should have plenty on the cruise. Pregnant women also have a tendancy to get motion sickness, so ask your doctor about some dramamine for the cruise. Other than that just eat frequent, small meals that include carbs and drink plenty of water. Don't worry about how much you gain on your trip, you can watch what you eat after you get home. Eat what you can and have a good time... I wish I was going!


preggosauce - December 4

Thanks ladies for your good advice! I will for sure take some kind of snacks with me. I'll make sure I drink a lot of water too. (Which is something I've never been good at making sure I do). Last pregnancy I gained something like 14 pounds in the first trimester. That was even with morning sickness. I would throw up and think, "Well, now I get to eat more!" LOL. So, hopefully I can resist the chocolate and greasy hamburgers this time aroud. Yeah, I figure between being preggo and slight rocking of the cruise ship I don't stand a chance on not gettin sick. I thought about the ride thing too, about how many women ride the rides before they even knew they were pregnant. If there really is a risk though, I wouldn't. I have a DR. appt on Thursdsay so I'll ask then. Again, thank you ladies for your good advice.


mjvdec01 - December 4

If it is a ride where something goes across your lap and you could be jarred around I would skip it. I think that you will find yourself content with just watching.


Lou_and_Bump - December 5

I can't help much with your other queries, but on the Disney Land front - I booked Disney Land for my partners 30th before we found out I was pregnant. I'd been before so I knew which rides he'd particularly like. It worked out quite well - I took a book for the rides with longer queues and we used both mine and his ticket for the fast track tickets so he could get on rides as quickly as possible. I went to the one in France so maybe they are different - the Finding Nemo ride there wasn't advisable for pregnant women :( The only rides I could go on was Pirates of the Carribean, pinocchio and the very unscary ghost ride! It was good fun though and like mjvdec said you'll be content just watching because of the reason why :)



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