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hannah - January 7

Hi im 19 and have just found out im about 4 weeks pregnant. i live with my boyfriend in england and am not planning on telling my family for another month or so. i dont know anyone else who has been pregnant so im completely clueless! is there any advice any of you can give me, as to whats going to happen with my body. I really want to know what i should and shouldnt be eating and if theres anything i should and shouldnt do! im also feeling a strange feeling in my stomach almost like a very mild period pain is this normal?? I would much appreciate any word of advice. Thanks!


r - January 7

The pain you are feeling is quiet normal and it will last for another week or so. The other symptoms you might feel varry between different women but some of the syptoms are sore/tender and swollen b___sts, tiredness and sleepy, morning sickness (can happen any time of the day) but as long as you have crackers to munch on the sickness feeling can be minimized. Some women start to agin wieght earlier in the pregnancy and some later. But it's been said that if you gain more than 3 pounds (1.25Kg) it's too much for the first 3 months. The only things yous should stay away from in your diet is unpastrized milk, unpastrized cheese, and unpastrized juice (any juice made from concentrate is fine). On this web site you can type in 'foods to avoid' in the search engin and it will give you a list of foods to saty away from. But don't worry about things that you have already had until today - your body has a way of protecting the baby. Iif you are in to excercising it's a good thing and keep on with it. Just don't over tire your self and don't lift too many wieghts. If you run or Jog go at a pase that you can comfotably have a conversation with somone. Don't over tire your self out. Hope this info is heloful to you...if you need more answers just ask. oh, and one more thing take your prenatal vitamins for sure and make sure whatever you are taking contains folic acid - it's very important for the baby's development in the first trimester.


r - January 7

By the way...congradulations to you and your boyfriend. I hope you guys are happy with this news.



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