Help Im So Worried Im Meant To Be 8 Weeks But Scan Shows 5

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nicola.xx - March 5

please help i am desperate for answers. I had a u/s yesterday as i had very light brown discharge when i wiped when i had the scan it showed that i was 5 and a half weeks pregnant i am meant to be 8 weeks as my last period was 4th jan my first pregnancy test on 5th feb was very faint please help im so worried i have to go back for another u/s friday as they think my baby has stopped growing what are my chances? I did a pregnancy test today and it is still a very strong positive


nicola.xx - March 6

if anybody has had this before please post i need answers


nicola.xx - March 6

has my baby stopped growing?


crystal - March 8

i had two misscarriages. for my second one i was suppose to be 4 months but when they did the ultrasound it showed that the baby only developed until 5 weeks and 4 days. the same week end i misscarried. i hope you have better news let me know.


citrouille - March 8

nicola, I'm sorry to say that it doesn't sound good. I had the same thing happen and went on to have a miscarriage in november. I hope this isn't the case for you, but it sounds like it. If you need to talk about it, I'm here for you. lots of hugs,


nicola.xx - March 9

citrouille, how long did it take before you miscarried i cant take this wait and not knowing it is driving me mad im so upset no one seems to understand and keep saying maybe your dates are off but how can they be 3 weeks out could i have conceived that late it just does not make sense myself and my partner are expecting the worse on friday although i would love them to tell me every thing will be ok.


nicola.xx - March 18

the second scan i had showed there had been one weeks growth and the yolk sac is now there but no fetal pole i have to go back on 22nd march to see if there is a fetal pole and heart beat this waiting is killing me has anyone ever had this before where they are 3 weeks behind and have gone on to have full pregnancy?????


melissa - March 19

i am in the exact same boat. my baby is dating 11 days behind. I was supposd to be 7w3d at last u/s and there was an embryo but it was only dating 5w5d adn had a very weak heartbeat of 89bpm. I have had 4 u/s already during this pg and it wasn't until the 4th u/s that there even was a baby. All other u/s showed only a gest sac and yolk sac. Dr's are giving me an 80% miscarriage rate. My next u/s is wednesday. It is the waiting and not knowing that is killing me. It has been 20 days for me with no answers. I feel like I am waiting to miscarry and i wonder how long my little baby can hang on. let's keep in touch. let me know how your next u/s goes. best wishes.


Angie - March 19

I am in the same boat. I found out Feb 25 that I was pregnant. My PT was very faint and I went to the DR for a blood test. My HCG level was 120, which I learned was very low and that they must have just caught the pregnancy. I was asked to come back in a week for an ultrasound. According to my last period, Jan 11, I should have been about 6 weeks pregant. The ultrasound didn't show this. Anyway, I have had three ultrasounds and HCG levels drawn every week. Although, my HCG level is now 28,987 my ultrasound shows that my pregnancy is 6 weeks and 2 days. They didn't find the fetal pole on the second ultrasound, but on the third. Don't give up yet, you may have ovulated late like I did. Very emotional and they still keep marking on my charts "Miscarriage/ Spontaneous Abortion". They have to do this so that insurance will pay for the ultrasounds. Good Luck.


nicola.xx - March 19

thank you so much this has put me at ease a little although i still fear bad news as i have had red spotting today but only when i wipe please let me know hoe you get on.xx


steph - March 19

You're not alone...I'm 8w pregnant and developing slowly as well. I was pessimistic a couple of weeks ago, but actually had substantial growth last week. I'm sure all will turn out OK on Fri. Good luck.


Pat - March 20

I'm in same boat...should be 8 weeks but scan shows 5. Did u/s, saw a sac but was told I will be miscarrying. Second scan 1 wk later not only showed an amniotic sac but a yolk sac as well. Doctors said that was good, exept for the fact that I'm bleeeding heavily and have extremely low beta counts. Don't know what to think but please keep me posted on your situations.


nicola.xx - March 20

not to good for me i have been bleeding all weekend like a period phoned midwife and she said there is nothing they can do and not to go to the early pregnancy unit unless i have to change my pad every one hour but i havent got to that stage yet i am so scared and worried


Pat - March 20

hang in there nicola--i've been bleeding just like a period as well. Same cramping and bleeding as all my other periods. No worse and no better. I did an u/s on friday (after 2 days of heavy bleeding) and I thought for sure they would have said that the undeveloped fetus had pa__sed but just the opposite. The amniotic sac was still there and I had developed the yolk sac as well. Definately not supposed to happen if i'm miscarrying!! My doctor said that many women have full periods throughout their pregnancies---just to wait and see. This waiting is the hardest part. My next u/s is sometime this week. I'll know tomorrow.


nicola.xx - March 20

good luck with your scan pat mine is on tuesday im so worried the amount i am bleeding cannot be good i have no pregnancy symptoms any more either the only thing remaining is sore b___st i did pregnancy test today which was a strong positive but i was told on this site that even if i miscarried it would still show positive?


melissa - March 20

i just started to bleed today too. very light, but still there. i think this is it.


Kristina - March 20

Hi Girls same exact case here too. My first u/s showed 5 1/2 weeks which was behind, then the next week it was 6w 1 day so I thought there was hope. Then last wed, it was no good, we should have seen something by now, but it was just the sac. I started to really bleed yesterday and today the cramping is getting worse. We all have to remember to stay positive and there is a reason for everything. We are not in control, so we can't beat ourselves up. Just hang in there and be strong. Like my doctor saud, at least you know you can concieve, that is better than being infertile. ALso he said close to 80% of pregnancies are m/c just some go un noticed witha period a day or 2 late, those are hard odds to beat. He also said wait a month have a regular period and get back on the horse. Good luck to you all and your in my prayers.



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