HELP ME I Am Going To Miscarry

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Edna - April 7

I think I am about 4 to 7 weeks pregnant. Not real sure yet. I had some spotting two days ago, went to the dr yesterday and he did a pelvic exam, said my cervis was closed, which is goo dbecuaes I hadn't passed the embryo. Had a va___al ultrasound done and the dr told me that there wa sno heartbeat and I should expect to miscarry in a week or so. this is my 1st pregnancy I AM SO CONFUSED!! HELP ME! Should I have him remove whatever is inside or should I wait a week or so!?!?!?!


Dawn - April 7

Hi. I am empathetic to your sad discovery. Was the doctor able to date your pregnancy? At 4 weeks there is only a gestational sac. 5 weeks there will be a yolk and 6-7 weeks you can see a heartbeat with a v____al u/s. If you are truly 7 weeks without a heartbeat, then what you do next is purely a personal decision. I have miscarried 3 times and chose to avoid D&C all three times. The first was the worst as the embryo stopped development around 6-7 weeks. The others were sooner. There was a good bit of pain and a lot of bleeding, but nothing us strong women can't handle. Best Wishes....


JJ - April 7

Hang on! If you don't know how pregnant you are then surely you might not be far enough along to detect a heartbeat - I thought around 6 weeks. I have no experience of this but don't do anything rash, you probably need to wait a bit and scan again and get a second opinion.


Misty - April 7

If you are not positive how far along you are then I would wait a bit. At 4 weeks you aren't going to see a heartbeat so I wouldn't worry about that. As far as you spotting goes these were the statistics that I learned when I went through the same thing as you. In 25% of early pregnancies the mother will spot, once that happens you have a 50% chance of keeping or losing the baby. Those are scarey statistics so you definately aren't out of the woods but you haven't definately lost your baby yet either. Just try to stay as calm as possible and wait a bit to see what happens. Have your doctor reschedule another appointment and (hopefully he took blood at the last appointment?) have him see if your HCG levels are rising as they should be. That will tell you better then seeing a heartbeat at this stage if things are still progresing. If he didn't take blood to see what your HCG levels were then I would seriously consider getting a different doctor. I hate doctors who son't do everything to really see where things are at. You might be be about to miscarry or you might be fine. Let us know how things go. Good luck.


Edna - MORE INFO - April 7

No he didn't do blood work. All he did was ask about the date of my last period and a__sume I was 7 weeks, he did the pelvic exam and then had his a__sistant do the u-s. She said the sac was intact but he made me believe that he was basing it on no heartbeat.


D - April 7

Edna! I'm so sorry you are experiencing this! I do agree that you should wait awhile before you do anything, though. There are so many ladies who haven't seen a embryo or heartbeat this early. Since you think your dates could be that far off, I think you should wait at LEAST a couple weeks before you give up on this one! I hope things will work out okay!


Misty - April 7

Well then he is a jacka__s and I would get a new doctor. Basing things on the date of your last menstral period is so screwy anyway, I mean how many people actually get pregnant on the 5th if their period ends on the 4th? Not many. Get a new doctor sweetheart, one that actually does all the things a doctor should do other then making ASSumptions based on limited info. You might not carry this all the way if you are spotting, but don't give up hope, and if the spotting goes away I would feel pretty confident about things. Your doctor should have told you the facts, that you might miscarry if you are spotting but that it isn't definate. To tell you you are going to miscarry in about a week really p__ses me off. He had no right to do that. Unsensitive jacka__s. Doctors are also supposed to look out for the mental health of their patients, not just the health of the pregnancy. What a jerk. Sorry for what you are going through right now. I remember how scared I was when I first started spotting. I am pregnant again now and it is atill a constant fear in the back of my mind, that I will go to the bathroom and look down and see blood in the toilet. Find someone who will support you in your pregnancy , not someone who will make things harder then they already are.


Jena - April 7

Edna - WAIT! You very well could have conceived late, which would make you more towards the 4-week mark and not 7, which would explain why there is no heartbeat... YET! I conceived the day before my period was due - so like, a month late. Don't give up now and I agree with others - is there ANY way you can get a new Doc? This guy seems like a real jerk - who doesn't take blood or follow up but tells you that you are going to miscarry? That is just rude and unprofessional. Don't worry and good luck.


Kay - April 8

Because I have a tilted uterus, I could not see my baby until I was just about nine weeks with my daughter and I was over eight weeks with my son. With they daughter, they were sure I was going to miscarry and I refused the D&C. Hang in there. There are lots of misdiagnosed miscarriages on the web. Don't be pressured into a D&C. Unless you actually have signs of infection, it is perfectly safe to wait it out. Go to to read stories of babies found from weeks 7 to 11 (and even beyond). (((hugs)))


To Kay - April 8

I truly believe that God led me to this thread. because I swear I was going to ask about misdiagnosed miscarriage! I JUST posted my question under another thread and was about to post here. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Sometimes the women on here don't know how helpful their posts can be. EDNA I'm in the exact same situation hang in there. Feel free to email me at [email protected] (Edna or KAY)


Nadine - April 8

You are ok right now. Take good care of yourself and wait it out. I didn't see anything at all at 5 weeks, except a sac, and I had v____al us. Not until 8 weeks did I see the hb. Good luck.


charity - April 8

i am not sure how many weeks i am but i spotted a little blood 2 times. i went to the drs. she did ultra sound and pelvic exame. she didnt hear heartbeat on the ultrasound and she did it v____al. she said i would probley cervix was closed so thats good. i had blood drown and everything was perfect. she did see some spots of blood in the ultra sound. could someone help me and talk to me about this. how many weeks do u have to be to hear babys heart beat?


Edna - UPDATE! - April 12

I started bleeding and cramping BAD this weekend. Called the Dr on Monday and spoke wiht someone other than him and she confirmed that I was about 7 weeks pregnant from the size of the embryo and that there was no cardiac activity. Have been bleeding since saturday and today the bleeding is worse. I am so upset but have come to terms with what happened. I was want this to be over with at this point. I guess it just wasn't time for me. Thanks for all you help and info. I really appreciate it! Edna


Nadine - April 12

I am so sad for you Edna. I pray that God knows what he is doing--I am sure he does. Take care.


Nadine - April 13

That didn't come out right...I am sorry Edna. My prayers are with you.


v - April 13

Edna...So sorry to hear about what you have and are going through. I have lost 2 babies at 6.5wks but can gladly say I am now 10.5wks and going strong! My prayers are with you.


Debbie - April 13

Hi I am in the same boat around 5 weeks 4 days and my Doc is telling me that my HCG level is not increasing like the should at last count I was 1650, she tells me that I will have a miscarriage. I am going to wait until the 6 weeks period to see if they can detect a heart beat after that I will decide what to do. Do not want to rush into a D&C doctors or wrong all the time. Good luck



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